Geo field level 9

Oh dear despite the sun crashing the ionosphere with strong storm levels
and a number station on LSB on 14280

and the perseverance of OE7FMS/P

I got through

thanks again Franz


I think you will find the correct call is OE7FMJ/P

Victor GI4ONL


thanks for that



Major storm now from the sun
Yet still reached EA8/M0JCQ/P ON (AF-004) EA/8/LA-003 ON 10MB

:slight_smile: KARL

Hello Karl,

Well done on speaking with James on 10M.

Be mindful of the danger of appearing to be bragging about your success all the time though, as some will find it tedious.

James is due on another summit today so I wish you good luck with that activation.


don’t know about bragging :smile:

Just finding it strange with this upset ionosphere at serve storm levels surprised to hear the gent let alone work him on 10m on such low wattage and the wet bit of string one has here.

Lets hope the 2nd summit is as kind

Waiting patiently