GD/GD-001 Snaefell 3-DEC-2017

Last Sunday, the 3rd of December 2017, I finally activated Snaefell on the second attempt - the first was a very wet and windy spring evening during the week with zero visibility that taught me a lot about the FT-817 and moisture and bleedthrough. That was a quick 20 minute sprint up from the Bungalow but this time round we did the ‘sea to summit’ from Laxey which took around 2.5 hours up and 2 hours down with around an hour on the summit.


  • Yeasu FT-270 2m 5W FM waterproof handheld
  • Yaesu FT-817 5W all mode, all band transceiver (in drybag)
  • Slim-G 2m antenna
  • Sotabeams Quad Bander 20/30/40/80 dipole
  • 10m Sotabeams compact squid pole (top 3 sections removed)
  • 5AH 4 cell LiPo
  • Waterproof log book
  • Sitmat
  • Several protein bars
  • 1.5L water
    Approx pack weight with water: 8KG

The route
The track up from Laxey to the disused mines is easy to find and follow. By the disused mine buildings there is a footpath sign that takes a sharp right up from the track before a building on the right. I would recommend following that path as shown on the map below. We followed the contour to the north and came a bit of a cropper in the valley below the mountain road. The path takes you to the ridgeline instead and gives you half a chance of not getting bogged down too much. It’s probably less effort too.

On the way down we followed the slightly longer route - again mostly very easy to find - towards Slieau Ruy. This gives excellent views of the North Barrule ridgeline.

GPX File

The Activation
The wind was pretty brisk at the top, probably around 40 mph with the windchill giving sub-zero temperatures so no time to loiter. I caught two Welsh activation’s on the FT-270R on the way up:

Upon reaching the summit I set up for 2m which was doing just fine then forgetting my ability to spot via SMS using SOTAspotter (it’s amazing how the cold ruins your brain - like swapping QRZ with QSL!) I had to call on 40m blind. Thankfully the previous activator G4RQJ who missed the 2m activation responded and then spotted and I had a quick run on 40m with one on 20m just as I was reminded how cold it was and persuaded to pack up and leave.

Great views from the top but not quite good enough for the seven kingdoms - I couldn’t see the UK coastline at all.

Many thanks to all the chasers.

Photo album here: (includes a few photos from 9-DEC-2017 where I did a little DX’ing from a snowy Douglas beach).

Time	Call	Band	Mode	Notes
12:19z	2E0LBI	144MHz	FM	53 55
12:22z	G0MRL	144MHz	FM	55 59 Laurie IO83RO
12:22z	MW1FGQ	144MHz	FM	59 59 John
12:23z	GI6FZI	144MHz	FM	59 59 Gordon
12:24z	GW0PLP	144MHz	FM	53 51 Don IO72RC
12:26z	2I0VOF	144MHz	FM	59 59+ Paddy
12:43z	LX1CC	7MHz	SSB	58 57 Mill
12:49z	G4RQJ	7MHz	SSB	58 58 Rob Walney Island
12:58z	DL8DXL	7MHz	SSB	51 33
13:00z	PA5KM	7MHz	SSB	58 59+
13:01z	DJ6OK	7MHz	SSB	58 55
13:01z	EA2DT	7MHz	SSB	55 52 Manuel
13:02z	F6FTB	7MHz	SSB	51 42
13:03z	2E0XCZ	7MHz	SSB	59 59
13:04z	EA2CKX	7MHz	SSB	59 52
13:05z	M0IML	7MHz	SSB	58 57
13:06z	EA2DPA	7MHz	SSB	52 55
13:16z	9A5O	14MHz	SSB	58 57 Sado JN86D



Thanks for the contact and the activation, Also great to hear a recording of myself in the I.O.M. Your signal here varied anywhere from S1 to S4 but good audio. I could not hear the other stations you were in contact with. Also a great article you have put together.


Thanks Don. I didn’t used to take a handheld with me but it is great to catch other activators on the hoof.
I try and record all my QSOs during an activation to help others determine their radio performance in real world situations.

Regards Mark