GD Activations

Hi all,
It’s GD day at last! from Thu 28th to Mon 9th expect activity from the Manx summits. We will do all of them at least once and probably more times depending on the wx. Activity will be mainly 5-SSB 144-SSB and 145-FM but if wx etc permit we will try 7-CW and some PSK. Usual times will be about 1200Z with the odd evening possible (Tuesday wx permitting) No internet so would appreciate any spots.
Hope to work lots of you

Hi Rob,
I will probably miss some of your activations due to being in work, however when I am not working I will be listening out for you. Good luck with the trip, I hope the weather is kind. Maybe Mike GW0DSP will get that last GD summit he keeps missing and maybe you can have a successful session on PSK.

Hope to work you lots.

73 Steve GW7AAV aka Neo

Follow the white rabbit

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Hi Rob
Will be looking for you - please take your morse key!
73 de CRIS

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Hi Rob, I will definately be listening for you, especially if you do GD-003 as it’s the last unique I need for the set. If you have a mobile fone you could always text someone when setting out for your activations. If you want my mobile number, just email me,, and I’ll gladly arrange to spot for you before you arrive on summit.
I hope Audrey and you have a well earned break on the Island.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Hi again Rob, looks like we have a gremlin in the machine, hi.

If you pass yourself heading out to GD land when you are on your way home, please wrk me on GD-003 before you get there rather than before you go home, hi.

PS the Tardis leaves approx 15 minutes after arrival time.


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Hi Rob/Audrey

Unless the rift in time/space has not yet healed, you probably won’t get this before you go, but just in case have a good trip and looking forward to catching you on a few.

And if you’re reading this on your return, can I be the first to say welcome back hope you had an fb trip!

73 de Paul G4MD