GB3GT - 6 Metre Repeater

I appreciate that SOTA QSOs are not permitted through repeaters. However we all have 817s or Tri Band handhelds with rubber ducks! If you are in the WB area of the programme you may one day find yourself struggling for contacts! I admit that I have used GB3SE on 23cms to arrange simplex natters with the people on them!

Anyway GB3GT is now on the air, it puts out 5 watts at the moment into a folded dipole! However the power will be ramped up to 25 watts in the not to distant future!

So if you want a natter with people when driving to and from summits, or find it tricky getting 4 QSOs. I am sure that their will be plenty of people on the box who will be happy to QSY to a simplex channel!

The Output is 50.830MHz, Input is 51.330MHz and you will need continuous CTCSS of 103.5!

We also have GB3VM on 2m and GB3VN on 70cms, however these are not located at the same site!

Look forward to hearing you on

Matt 2E0XTL

In reply to 2E0XTL:

Thanks for the info Matt. I’ll be putting that in the memory (well the rig’s memory - mine’s not as reliable as it was) and certainly give it a try when I’m in range.