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GB0MAG - 28th June Lyke Wake Walk mobile special event!

I am pleased to be able to announce that Ofcom have authorized myself and Bob to operate over the whole length of our route for the Lyke Wake Walk on the 28th June, under the special callsign GB0MAG

As far as I am aware (although I would be pleased to be corrected) this is the first time an amateur radio Special Event NoV has been issued for a mobile operation.

We do have some stringent rules to follow regarding interference and station identification, and especially in relation to maximum deviation from our specified route (pretty much no further than necessary to avoid sinking in a particularly deep bog or two!).

I will be setting up a QRZ.com page soon with more details.

We would love to work as many chasers, other activators, and in fact anyone else during our walk

Martin G7MRV and Bob M1BBV

Good stuff Martin and Bob, in my radio diary - look forward to the details.