Galina - HB0/LI-007


Tomorrow (1-Jul-2011) we’ll start a training hike to Galina Kopf (HB0/LI-007). We hope to test our new designed summit antenna (for those summits without a cross…!) for 40/30/20&15 mtr.

Check :

QRV in CW only with Elecraft K1 (7W max output)

Aurelio - PC5A
& Team (PA5MW, PA3FGA + YL)

In reply to PC5A:

July 1st 2011, our 5th day in HB0. Temperature at 0700 local was 5C… rainy and low visibility. That didn’t stop us from going on our first hike: HB0/LI007 Galina Kopf, on the border of Liechtenstein and Austria. This summit was first activated in 2008 by Mark-PA5MW, who was also part of this years team.

The goal of this hike was to test the SOTA vertical, which we will need one of the next days when we will activate another first. It is a vertical with just one radial. Both the radiator and the radial are about 5.5mtr long. To get the K1 to tune the antenna on 4 bands, we needed to make two coils, one for 40m and one for 30m. The coil for 40m makes the antenna also tune on 15m.
20m doesn’t use a coil. The 6mtr fishing rod we used (tnx to PE1SAC) measures only 60cm fully retracted and is light weight. As you can see, the two coils were made by improvising. To determine the correct number of turns we used a miniVNA.

As we neared the summit the visibility got worse. When we arrived at the top it was not more than 20mtr… They say you can see for 50km (The Bodensee e.g. in Germany) fro here… Oh well, we wanted to test an antenna anyway. A nice view woul have been a bonus.

The temp on the summit was about 7C. I was wearing winter gloves (glad I brought them!) So apologies for the mistakes I made :slight_smile: I had to ask Mark to assist me with writing the callsigns into the little logbook (which we got in Friedrichshafen during the Contest University and came in very handy!) because writing with gloves on was a real pain.

I started on 40m, then 30 and last 20m. We skipped 15m because the weather started to deteriorate even more and I was almost shivering, despite the two cappuccino’s that Rens prepared (tnx Rens!) It often makes other people at summits frown when seeing us drink real cappuccino hihi. Thanks to the handpresso (a portable espresso machine) we tend to ring it along and ENJOY it every time we make it to a summit.

All QSO’s have already been uploaded as well as some pics (search for pc5a)

See you all very soon from another summit (first time activation).

– Aurelio, PC5A
– Mark, PA5MW
– Rens, PA3FGA + Claudia

In reply to PC5A:

Congrats to the team! Many visitors underestimate the need for taking appropriate clothing with them, even just for the case. I always! carry a pair of gloves and some pieces of warm clothing in my Rucksack when I am out in the Alps.

snow down to 2000m over night. :wink:

73 Bernhard DL4CW

Edit: Snow gone again on the webcam picture as of today, 1115 UTC