Galgenberg - PA/PA-005

The alarm went off at 05.30 local time, and after some breakfast with the necessary coffee, I left home at 06.15. Off to my radio-friend Kees-PA3EEQ who is my company today on the first PA-SOTA activation. We left Egmond aan Zee (QTH PA3EEQ) at 07.00 local time and after a 2 hour drive arrived at the carpark of a glider airfield called Terlet, close to the summit.
While the summit is on the grounds of this airfield we had to ask permission to go up…This took about half a hour in making phone calls etc. etc. but in the end it was agreed that we could go on and have some fun on the hill.
It was almost 09.00 UTC, so we set-up the station very quick and the first QSO was at 09.07 UTC in a S2S with Milos - S53X/P on BR-005.
Then I went QSY and the pile-up started, this went on for 45 minutes before I had a coffee break.
In the meantime Hans - PA3FYG arrived and he took over in SSB, also on 40 meters.
I made 42 QSO’s on 40 CW, and while PA3FYG was still working stations I took my antenne (1/2 wave lenght of wire on 40; TRX - IC-706) down, all back to the car and on the road to the next summit, Torenberg - PA/PA-004.
This summit is located in a park, and at a gate into the park, we where told the park is a wild-live park and therefore there was no access to the hill…
A big disappointment. So sorry for all you who waited for our call! We have to do some recsearche where we can ask for the permission to get this summit activated.
After a while we took the road again, back home where I arrived at 16.30 local time, and having a nice cold beer.
It was a sunny day in this part of Holland, and it was nice to be on the other side of the pile-up.
Thank You for the QSO and see You from the next summit!

73, Age - pa0xaw

Dear Age.
I’m very happy that I was the very first station that made a QSO with a new SOTA Netherland.
Thank you for honouring me by calling me on my frequency.
Congratulation and welcome in SOTA family.

Miloš - S53X

In reply to PA0XAW:

I had the same problem when I arrived.
Enjoyed my first SOTA activity and meeting Age.
Just started chasing SOTA and was lucky that PA in the same time got some summits.
Made about 35 QSO’s, mainly 40m ( SSB)
Used FT897D,12mtr fishing rod, automatic tuner and 17AH battery ( smaller next time hi hi).
Will be in DM/BW region from 13-20 sept. QRV on summit if wx and XYL cooperate.
73 de Hans

In reply to PA0XAW:

This summit is located in a park, and at a gate into the park, we
where told the park is a wild-live park and therefore there was no
access to the hill…

Age, don’t forget that activations do not have to be from the exact summit. Any spot nearby that is less than 25m vertically below is within the SOTA activation zone. Perhaps this rule will allow an activation from ouside the wildlife park?

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:

Yes I know about that rule Les, but such a nearby spot (if there is any) is still inside of the wild-live park, and outside the park is too far away from the exact summit…so no way to activate this one.

73, Age - pa0xaw