G4YSS to GM/SS weekend 05-09-20

Apologies to all who have emailed me in the past. My email was hacked somehow or at least my name was. Just bin everything from m19nnnn@gmail.com or better still block it if you can. This is vaguely similar to my aol email address (aol password changed just in case) but it’s not me. It happens. I have had similar from at least 5 people I know over the past few years and am still getting them.

This would happen when we’re off up Scotland for the weekend 5th/6th/7th Sept-20. The GM WX is often ifey and the bugs ferocious but I would like to have a crack at The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) GM/SS-020. It’s a spit from the hotel. If conditions allow I would like to do HF. Will try to alert if possible. This is the time to find out whether or not I’ve become a ‘lockdown softie?’

Otherwise it’s WAB/P on 80 or 40 with rain beating on the car roof! Yes I know 80 and 40 aren’t too good. Brian G4BFJ passed the message via my son (thanks Brian).

Message to Dave P from SARS. Seen the NP’s report Dave. Looks magnificent. Will read later. Busy getting packed.

73, John


Tarbet or Arrochar? :thinking:

I’ll keep an eye out for you John. I can’t wait to hear what a toggle switch sounds like . :slight_smile:

Arrochar - Ardgarton Hotel
73, John

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Dreadful in my case!

Rubbish! You wouldn’t get so many CW QSOs if it was!