G4YSS: Targets for today, Friday 02-03-07

G4YSS: Targets for today, Friday 02-03-07. (Alerts just ‘vanish’)

G/NP-022, Calf Top, 4 pts. Around 9 am on 3.725 CW/SSB.
G/NP-012, Baugh Fell , 4 pts. Approx. 3.5 hrs after QRT NP22 on 3.725 CW/SSB.

BCNU: 73, John G4YSS
(Using GX0OOO/P)

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When you say alerts ‘vanish’ could you please be more specific? Do they appear on the list then vanish? Do they never get submitted? What do you do prior to them vanishing? Do you click the submit button, or hit the return key on the keyboard? Which browser are you using?

This information would help me track down the problem.

73, Jon

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Thank you Mick, that helped a lot.
73 John (YSS)

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Hello Jon,

Congrats on the shiny new system. A lot of hard work for you! I hope it leaves you some time for winter bonus!

The procedure I am following:

  1. Log in. System confirms this.
  2. Upcoming SOTA activations.
  3. Add alert.
  4. Fill in the ‘form’ with deliberate ‘duff’ freq entered.
  5. ‘ADD ALERT’ button. No problems and ‘invalid frequency’ feedback feature is working OK, as it tells me so.
  6. Corrected freq as requested.
  7. ‘ADD ALERT.’ As soon as I do this, the ‘Upcoming Activations’ page replaces the ‘Add Alert’ page. (ie instantly)

All the above is how the old system behaved and all up to this point seems ‘as normal.’ However, my particular spot is always missing from the list of upcoming Activations.

I tried ‘return’ as an alternative to ‘ADD ALERT’ button, with identical result.

Browser is Internet Explorer.

Sorry about the curt message. The reason being it was 04:00 and my SOTA-mobile awaited outside!

The new system is super but I think the old system presentation was better in just one way. With one spot on one long line, it had an uncluttered appearance and was therefore easier to read at a glance. This is not a ‘real time’ problem for me as I am only an activator.

However, I used to paste the old system into Excel 97 and use the ‘data sort’ feature to list it in chrono order, with the earliest at the top. It used to ‘drop in’ to excel really well with one line, one spot. I could then save and analyse it later, to help with reports etc. I can still ‘tidy up’ the new system with ‘Row Height’ but merged cells prevent any work being performed on it in excel.

I doubt if there’s much you can (or should) do about this but there may be something I could do in excel?

Hope you can help with the Add Alert problem Jon,

Thanks & 73, John

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I wonder if your browser is returning to a cached alerts page that was stored before you added your data? If so, perhaps hitting the refresh icon would show your new data?



PS We nearly met yesterday as I was in two minds whether to do NSR or Baugh Fell. NSR just won. Wasn’t it a lovely day?

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the suggestion but I can’t try it, as everything seems to be working normally now; both alerts and spots. (Just tested). My son said it could have been browser settings but we haven’t changed anything. If Jon did something, then thanks Jon. Looking forward to trying it for real.

OK on NSR. A good day, as you say. That’s a blessing as there’s no wall up there. A bit of sunshine can do wonders.

Hope your route for Baugh Fell is better than mine!

73, John.