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G4WSB Mountain Goat

In reply to MM0FMF:

What’s wrong with 10MHz,18MHz or 24MHz ?

18MHz and 24MHz were jammed today with contest refugees (some somewhat over-powered), at least when I went listening around posted SOTA spots. I guess 10 might have been less jammed, but I didn’t try listening there as I’m still trying (and mostly failing) to get morse into my head…

In reply to 2E0YYY:

Sadly, the 817 was no match for the the kilowatt stations on the WARC
bands today.

Aye, the air-waves were awash with high-power stuff. I could just about hear Bill on Win Green this afternoon, almost, but not quite well enough to make contact.

Congratulations on the MG, Bill. – 73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to M0LEP:

It seems moving 3degs North makes the difference. Can’t remember listening on 18MHz. But 28 was dead most of the day and I heard a few US stations on 24MHz. I was testing an EFHW for 28 and it was fine but nobody to work :frowning: Same on 24. So down on 21 and quick tweak of the matching knob and I polished off a handful of Russian contest stations. Not bad for 5m of wire, a 2m counterpoise, a T68-6 and a polyvaricon. I thought being heard (1st call most times) when running 5W SSB with no processing was not bad. Should work someone tomorrow on the key on 1 of those bands if they’re open.


In reply to MM0FMF:

28MHz was dead. On 24MHz I heard at least one half of several QSOs, but all, as far as I could tell, from kilowatt-strength DX stations, and as they were obviously in long QSOs I left them to it. On 18MHz I heard several SSB stations, but again I think they were high-power ones (and using a mite more than 3.5kHz bandwidth, it seemed to me).

According to the spots Bill tried calling from G/SC-013 on 18.140MHz, and I did listen around there. It’s possible I could just hear him, but my ears play tricks when a signal’s so near the noise. Earlier I did just hear him at S5 or S6 on 7.125MHz from G/SP-008 but my local noise was about S5 and the splatter from contest stations less than 2kHz either side made things… tricky, and I suspect I might have been a shade close skip-wise, so no contact for me.

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to MM0FMF:

Moving North could well be the key, As Mike mentioned, 18MHz was full of contest refugees & 24MHz although not as bad was also busier than a normal weekend. I did pick up weak traces of John on 24MHz but not enough to work him.

Incidentaly, I have also played about with a bit of wire this evening. I have put up about 19 Metres of wire vertically up my 11 metre fishing pole stuck out of an upstairs window & conected the braid of the coax at ground level to a very old Earth point that I assume was used for the original telephone wiring. Would you believe it is actually resonant at the bottom end of 80m & works better for the contest stations than my 80m horizontal loop :slight_smile:

I may try this again when 80m is not as busy.

Sorry for deviating from the subject a little.


Mark G0VOF

Well done Bill despite your knee problems.


73 Graham G4JZF

In reply to 2E0XTL:
First class effort Bill and well done! The intelligent use of camping van and mountain bike seems to have worked a treat. Plus plenty of big mountain walking days too. Thanks for all contacts and many more great radio days out. How long till you’ve worked all G and GW summits ?


David M0YDH

Well done Bill. Thanks for bringng me in to SOTA as a chaser and for all the summits you have activated. 73 Tony, G8BVJ

Congratulations on Mountain Goat Bill, always a pleasure to work you !

Graham G3OHC

Well done Bill - thanks for all SOTA and WAB.

Roger G4OWG

Congratulations Bill, thanks for SOTA and squares!
de Peter, ON2WAB