g4ssh - 1,000

Many congrats to Roy G4SSH on being the first to achieve 1,000 Uniques - ALL on CW! Fantastic going Roy and a hard earned way of getting into four figures; long live CW and I for one look forward to hearing you many more times in the chaser pileups with that 10 dit suffix!

73 de CRIS

In reply to GM4FAM:

Superb achievement Roy and all on cw, very well done indeed.

Also thanks for your superb spotting skills which helps both cw and ssb chasers.

Vy 73 de Mike GW0DSP

Hi Roy,
big congratulations to you.
well done Roy.
thanks also for your spotting - work and allways be there if
i call cq sota :wink:

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DF2GN:
Vy well done Roy,73, GEOFF G4CPA.

Great stuff Roy, very well done. One of these days I will have to resurrect my CW as soon as I can find a reason to stop putting it off, and log that call sign with all the dots and then John with all the dashes.
jim g0cqk

Terrific work Roy - a great achievement. Keep up the good work on CW. I also acknowledge your spotting expertise. It’s a great help to me when chasing and I’m trying to do other work at the same time! Thank you also for your spotting support on the occasional activations that I do - very much appreciated.


well done Roy G4SSH


Well done, Roy G4SSH, tks for all your monitoring and spotting skills.
Will you be now doing the same, with the microphone!!

73s de Peter G(W)3TJE+

In reply to GM4FAM:
Congrats Roy !
I have a lot of QSL for you…!!!
An now some french words and you’ll be an UFT member…!!!
Best 73 from
Alain F6ENO

Many congrats Roy,

of course it is you to reach the 1000 first.
Always when I am QRV G4SSH or G4SSH/a is already there,
with good ears, excellent operating and lots of ham-spirit.
Many thanks for all the nice QSOs and your helpful spotting!

Two years ago nobody could think of 1000 unique summits in CW.

I am very pleased to gave you some of them and I hope to give you
many more in the future.

Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM

Congratulations Roy. A stunning milestone, and one that is barely imaginable even though you’ve proved it can be done!

I wonder if your SSEG colleague will attempt to achieve 1000 Unique summits activated?! Now that would be the ultimate, but is anyone rich enough with loads of free time to even aspire to it?

Many thanks for all your help, advice and encouragement with the CW learning process.


Roy, a lot of congrats for your 1000 UNIQUE CW !

FB job, and many thanks for THE TELEGRAPHY which must continue to be alive.

Still well done, Roy !

Andy F5AKL

In reply to GM4FAM:

Thank you to everyone for all your comments, which are greatly appreciated.

CW is my personal choice of operating mode because it gives me so much satisfaction. After more than 50 years of using Morse code I still experience a warm feeling of pride and achievement after a successful QSO.

However, with only room for a vertical antenna in a small garden, CW is more of a necessity at this location. In amateur radio you make the best use of whatever resources are available, so I am pleased and relieved to have reached this personal milestone albeit without the use of 2 metres, 5 MHz or SSB.

Thanks to all the dedicated activators in the UK and across Europe, without which this would have been a fruitless task. I have made a lot of new SOTA friends.

73 Roy G4SSH

In reply to G4SSH

Hi Roy
I add my congratulations also, well done and you mentioned the vertical antenna in your small garden but did not mention your greatest asset, a sea path to the continent, Hi, excellent.
All the best and hope to work you on more of the special events you and your club put on A great photo of 4472 in York Station !]
Don [G0NES]

Congratulations Roy !
It is a very excellent result and we see , cw is still alive .
Many thanks for all our contacts , for spotting stations on summit . That is a great help .
Hope to see you again from more summits in the next future .
73 and good luck for you and your family de Bernd “Ben” DL2DXA

Hi Roy,

Well done on your (CW) x 1000 uniques. I only recently discovered what they are. How come you find time to work all these Europeans and still be my ‘Winter Bonus Manager’ too!

CU this evening; I will bring along the ‘thin-wire’ 40m doublet I made for you today.

73, John G4YSS