G4OWG QRT from now

I will be QRT from 20:00 tonight.
All my shack, except my FT-817 and computer (which will be disconnected after this post), has been packed up and is in the loft.


Roger G4OWG

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Any special reason Roger?



PS - thanks for the contact today.

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I could hear the cheers from here :wink:
My XYL’s works syndicate won a small but useful amount on the Euro lottery.
We are presently decorating and re carpeting the house and she said your ‘tip’ (shack) is next. Should be back before winter bonus :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

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Should be back before winter bonus :slight_smile: G4OWG:

is this before winter bonus starts or finishes ???

a friend of mine has just come across a few Bob as well (£250 million) he won’t buy me anything,

just think you might even find a few bob under carpet you had been saving up,

you should have a small holiday as well Roger,

Steve m0sgb

My XYL Marianne is away for a few days, so I have emptied the piles of rubbish and junk out of my shack - and into her releatively newly fitted kitchen. It could never be done if she was at home! Tomorrow’s job is to sort through that lot and decide what is going to be replaced tidily in the shack, what is going in the sheds/loft, what is going in the bins and what is going to the Oxfam shop.

She is back on Friday, plus I want to take the boys SOTAing that day, so I must get the job done tomorrow.

I also gained some unexpected money while moving the junk. Unfortunately, it was eight pence. Enjoy the Euromillions Roger. (Can you still do 2m CW on the kit you haven’t stowed away?).


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I hope my XYL doesn’t get wind of this decorating and tidying idea, I haven’t won the lottery and so I couldn’t afford the fleet of skips required to empty the shack.

Hurry back, don’t take seven years like I did last time I went off the air during a house extension.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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"(Can you still do 2m CW on the kit you haven’t stowed away?)."

Hi Tom
All my portable gear is in a rucksack in the back bedroom.
The wiring is still in the shack - except the rotator for the 2m/70cm beam.
If your localish I can soon set something up - Kisdon is nigh impossible from here on vhf though. Plus I’m working Friday afternoon.
I actually enjoy working in the school holidays as its not worth going anywhere :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG