G4OIG/P on G/LD-027?

I thought I heard G4OIG/P (Gerald) calling on 144.333 SSB at about 09:20 today but too weak to makeout clearly.
I would be interested to know if he was hearing me, I thought I heard him respond with my Callsign but again I couldn’t make him out clearly.
It also sounded like he attempted to reply in Morse but still a bit weak and my Morse is virtually non-existent anyway (and not having a Key doesn’t help either).


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Hi Colin,

I was out on both Sunday and Monday and there was quite a pile-up on virtually all of the 4 activations carried out. I see that as you called at 09:20 yesterday - unfortunately I did not hear you. I had just returned to 2m after working Geoff G4WHA on 23cms and I was called by Roger G0TRB. I then went onto CW to work Frank G3RMD, so I had the beam south for those contacts. Further calls then came in from the SE and S directions. The trick is to keep listening as I swing the beam and generally call to all points of the compass before finishing on a band - in this instance I was QRV until 09:44 when I moved up to 70cms SSB / CW and later on I moved to 4m FM having been persuaded by John G0TDM to check my Wouxun handheld was still functional!

Hopefull we’ll manage to make contact when I am nezt back up in your area.

73 and thanks for calling,


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No problem, I’m glad you made plenty of contacts.
I presume I was just hearing ‘the pile-up’ then.
I was just interested since G/LD-027 is behind Helvellyn from here anditwouldhavebeen goodto know if it was possible to QSO summits in that area.

Incidentally I’m only using vertical polarisation at the moment (which could have explained the weak signals) but hoping to get a 2mHalo for Horizontal high up in the loft shortly and a co-linear for 2m/70cm vertical up out the back tomorrow (time & weather permitting). So contacts should be easier in the future.

Glad you gave the Wouxun a try, I’m very tempted by their Dual Bander & 4m models.

Yep, hope to catch you next time you are up this way.


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Hi, Colin, I had a halo once when I was limited to loft antennas but found it had loss relative to a dipole. I found a turnstile (crossed dipoles joined with a quarter wave length of coax) gave much better results as it had a small amount of gain relative to a dipole, and it was quick and easy to make. It is in my copy of the Handbook, I don’t know if it is in the current edition.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:Hi
Try this for detailed instructions on a 2mt turnstile:
I keep meaning to get round to making one…

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Thanks Guys, I will give that some thought.
Ultimately I was thinking of stacking a pair of Halo’s (so hoping for a little gain over a dipole) & since I have the copper brake pipe I will give that a try first but the turnstile does look interesting.