g4obk np-007 & ld-027

Hi All

A brief report from the Lakes - we are up here for a week with the main intention of completing more Wainwrights in “smash & grab” style . On the way up on Sunday and today (being in the vestiges of the winter bonus) I thought I would grab some SOTA points. The last unique six point NP I needed to activate was NP-007 Wild Boar Fell so we did a 7 mile circular walk from Cotegill Bridge (plenty of parking there). NP-007 is not an easy hill to get out from with 5w and a rucksack special. I just qualified it with 4 QSOs by sheer luck.
I only worked one Chaser - Sue G1OHH in Lancaster. It was activators Martyn and Caroline M1MAJ and M3ZCB on NP-006 Great Shunner Fell and Rob G4RQJ (with Audrey) on Hard Knott (LD-034) who made my day. Extra thank’s to Rob for nipping down to 145.5 to rally support which brought Sue G1OHH to my aid to qualify the summit, and saved me going back up there in the short term with more equipment.

Today we just returned from LD-027 Place Fell, where 9 QSOs resulted. No S2S contacts but I did work M1MAJ and M3ZCB before they left their car to
climb SP-008 Boulsworth Hill / Lad Law. We then continued along the ridge from Boredale Hause to bag Beda Fell LDW-170 for WOTA. I listened for John GX0OOO/P on NP-006 as Roy SSH alerted me he was on 2m just as we topped Beda Fell but due to being right behind the High Street range there was no comms.

Tomorrow we continue with more Wainwrights but will throw in LD-039 Baystones for good measure at around 1530z, another smash and grab activation.

Thank you to Roy G4SSH for the “Dial a Spot” service.

73 Phil G4OBK

HI All

Thank’s to the seven stations worked on LD-039 Baystones this afternoon. Dave G6LKB reminded me that this one is on the doomed list and will be deleted soon. A recent RHB survey found it no longer complies. A decision for Jimmy M3EYP to make, WHEN, as the new England Association Manager. Roy G4SSH did a good job as he phoned me as we were climbing the hill at 1530z and put on an advance spot on my behalf. Thanks Roy.

If the weather is OK I will be active on Calf and Yarlside next Sunday (2m FM). I will be concentrating on WOTA for the rest of this week.

73 Phil

Hi Phil,

I will announce the date soon for when Baystones G/LD-039 will be removed from the SOTA programme.

Jimmy M3EYP