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G4DDL & 2E1FKA trip to Dartmoor

Hi, thanks to all for the contacts today when we were on DC001.
Initially I had a problem with my HF set-up so it was a miracle that I worked Rob G4RQJ/P on LD030. Later I replaced a coax and 4:1 balun with a BNC to terminal post connector for the 300ohm ribbon from the doublet. After that all went well on both 60m SSB and 40m CW. Tried and tested set-ups don’t always guarantee succces. Will get the test meter out tonight to see what broke!

2m FM was very poor and I only had 2 QSOs and Lynda only qualified the summit after Don G0RQL rustled up some support for her via the local repeater, thanks Don.

Thanks to those who spotted me on SOTAwatch too! It really makes a big difference.

Fabulous WX and the best trip up to High Willhays ever. Much easier when you are not looking for Dartmoor Letterboxes en-route though I did see one or two hidden under the rocks.

Even better, I had a good result on my orienteering race on the Saturday so it was a succcesful weekend all round


Mike G4DDL & Lynda 2E1FKA