G4CFS/P - which summit?

This morning, there is an alert for G4CFS/P on G/SE-011. Meanwhile, there are three conflicting spots showing G4CFS/P on G/DC-011 (twice) and G/SC-011.

Take your pick!

Walt (G3NYY)

Finger trouble. It’s most likely going to be SC-011 based on the alert. There’s a self spot for DC-011 and RBN will assume if you self spot for the moon, then that’s where you are and so it spotted the CW CQ on the summit the activator gave, DC-011. As there is no DC-011 that has to be a mistake. Just like the spot for G/SV-011 which I deleted. If you look at where S & D and C & V are on a QWERTY keyboard the error is quite easy to understand.

It will be SC-011 Hardown Hill as described to me in QSO when Glyn also confirmed that Lewesdon Hill will be his next port of call this afternoon. Geographically that stacks up.

73 Phil


Now he’s alerted for G/SE-009 but spotted on G/SC-009.



Maybe Glyn is celebrating the launch of the new Google holding company, Alphabet, by spotting/alerting for every 2 letter combination! :wink:

Those who do a lot Walt make more mistakes, and I reckon Glyn does a lot! The man / woman who produces nothing results makes no mistakes…

73 Phil

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An old mentor use to say that to me 40 years ago Phil. He was right and I have faithfully followed that advice by producing considerable amounts of shonky software over the years!

I totally agree with your comments Phil. However, the real reason for the jumping around with the spots was that I left me reading glasses at home doh!!!

However, this is the correct itinerary as correctly relayed by Phil (OBK) -

0815Z - 5.4035 - SC-011
0825Z - 7.121 - SC-011
0834 - 7.033

Sorry hit wrong button - where are those damned glasses.

0834 - 7.033 - SC-011

1015Z - 5.3715 - SC-009
1026Z - 5.4035 - SC-009
1033Z - 7.118 - SC-009
1039Z - 7.033 - SC-009

Hope that clarifies any ambiguity

73 Glyn

Sorry again - brain f**t. My local area is SE and obviously got it wrong last night. Anyway according to the rules it is the summit given over the air which is correct - hopefully I got that right. However, there is no guarantee of that given todays performance.


Tee hee! The main thing is that you did the activations … and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it!


Walt (G3NYY)