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G4AZS New Mountain Goat

Adrian G4AZS has just now activated G/WB-006 to reach 1000 points. Congratulations.


Congratulations, Adrian, and thanks for the (rather late) contact.

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Congratulations Adrian and welcome to the herd…

Rod and I knew you were on 999 but you certainly sneaked the last one in and caught us out. Thanks for all those s2s along the journey and for hanging around for me loads of times as I tried to sprint to my summit :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Well done Adrian,that herd is certainly getting larger.73 Don.

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Congratulations Adrian on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hi Paul, thank you for the post, and all the calls along the way.

Rod - Thank you for finding your way into the log!

Allan - I had hoped to finish the job today, but then the forecast was for hail and lightning, so I decided against. However, the lightning didn’t materialise (or maybe plasmasise) so I couldn’t resist the urge - hence the very late alert. I didn’t mean to be sneaky :o)

Thank you both for the many S2S and other chases from home.

Thanks Don and Jimmy, and all other chasers / activators who have called me and helped to make this possible.

I wanted to complete the MG on Caer Caradoc, because my first activation was from there in April 2009. I only made one contact on that occasion, so no score. It was the start of the journey, though, which I hope to continue enjoying for a while yet.

Best 73

A couple of photos for posterity-

Looking East, Clee Hills in the distance:

Looking North West:

Finally, I’d like to say a big thank you to La La Land. No, wait, that isn’t right…


Congratulations Adrian!

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Hi Adrian

Well done, good to have a fellow Salopian in the herd!

Glad you have reached MG, it was great meeting you back in 2011 when I did a SOTA talk at the Shrewsbury Radio Club!


Matt G8XYJ

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Congratulations Adrian your dedication and hard work rewarded with MG Award.

Only 999 more points for my MG

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Well done Adrian , here,s to the next milestone on the SOTA ladder ,and thanks for all the chaser points …

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This news was published 2 days ago and I had almost missed it until today when I saw it on my phone during lunch time.
My sincere congratulations, Adrian for your longly aimed and finally reached milestone.
Very well done.


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Congratulations Adrian - and you chose one of my favourite hills for the big moment. Also looks as if you got the weather right as well - which is a particularly difficult task this year!!

We’ve only met on the hills once (if my memory is correct) when you had been on Stiperstones and we were descending from the Long Mynd. We then realised that you moved rather swiftly and were a lot fitter than us (not difficult in my case) as we’d only just had a S2S with you! Thank you for all the S2S since then and I look forward to many more - especially in sunshine.

Viki M6BWA


Many congratulations Adrian - an excellent achievement. A very nice hill WB-006 - one of the few that I have considered for a second activation using my “B” call. All the best for many more outings!

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Congratulations Adrian, thanks for the many contacts & very well done.


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Congratulations Adrian!

It’s all uphill from here :laughing:

73, Colin

Maaaa maaa

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Congratulations Adrian, well done!

Roger MW0IDX

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Congratulations Adrian. You’ve worked hard for that. Enjoy the warm glow. 73, John

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Well done Adrian on joining the goat herd! It’s a good feeling and certainly our Olympic gold medal. You probably qualified for an Everest Award from HA association too.
There’s more congratulations for you over on the Telford & DARS Yahoo group by the way.

73 es sd

David M0YDH

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Hearty congrats Adrian. Wishing you many more joyful activations :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

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Congratulations Adrian on reaching MG.


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