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Hi all,

Yeah, I have just passed 10,000 Chaser points! Since joining SOTA it has been such great fun and it doesn’t seem to fade at all. Although SOTA isn’t competitive as such, it is great that you can set your own goals. My thanks to all the Activators that have contributed to my 10,000 points.

Looking at the Chaser Roll of Honour for G, we certainly have a very good set of active Chasers in G Land. At the top of the list is of course Roy, G4SSH who has recently passed 100,000 points and I am the most recent Chaser to pass 10,000 points with current rank 41. So there are 40+ G Chasers with more than 10,000 Chaser points, most of whom are very active. Amazing …

Sadly my Activator points lag seriously behind. Here my goal is to achieve a very modest 100 Activator points.

73 Andrew G4AFI

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Congratulations Andrew and welcome to the 10K club, also many thanks for all the calls when I’ve been activating.


Victor GI4ONL

Well done Andrew,
Good luck with the next 10,000!
73 Gordon / Stu (cw)

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An excellent achievement Andrew. Apologies for never remembering your name when you call me, probably on account of the fact that many years ago I used to work Geoff G4AFJ on a fairly regular basis and my mind must switch to ye olde tyme mode. They say you remember things from years ago, but can’t remember what you ate yesterday! :slight_smile:

Here my goal is to achieve a very modest 100 Activator points.

All the best for that - not far to go. I’m sure if you can get up summits like Cadair Idris and Rhinog Fawr, it certainly won’t stop there.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Thanks guys.

Gerald: No need to apologise for forgetting names, I fully understand as I certainly have a shocking memory for names. I can’t even blame age as for me it has always been like that. Interestingly I have an excellent memory for numbers, so if people had numbers instead of names I would have no problem.

Thanks for the encouragement for activating. As you say the 100 point is too far off.

73, Andrew G4AFI