G3TQQ - Dave New Mountain Goat on LX/LX-003

Nice work, Dave!


Congratulations Dave. Welcome to Goatdom - you’ll like it here :wink:

Congratulations Dave, welcome to the herd!


Matt G8XYJ

Congratulations Dave, great to have worked you along the way, enjoy.

Congrats Dave, you were sounding good today.



Oh my . . . celebrating mountain goat status in a Luxembourgian forest on the knees with some champagne makes this blog, the SOTA hobby and the guys and gals doing it so lovable – enjoy and continue to enjoy!

Congrats on achieving the elite status, Dave! Never seen you in my logs, though - maybe we’ll meet once on the bands. Let me hear the bubbles of your champagne then, hi.

Been at the office today unfortunately, like always from Monday to Friday, so no SOTA today. Seen the nice picture from your ON meeting on Monday and the gents with grey hair, so I assume I’ll have to wait for such trips until my own retirement – with more grey hair than now . . . or even none! :innocent:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Well done Dave nice going


Thank you everyone for your good and kind wishes.
I have enjoyed the journey to Mountain Goat and would like to thank my chasers along the way,
especially my SOTA chums of North Yorkshire and not forgetting the Penrith boys.
Again, thanks to one and all.
Best 73
Dave G3TQQ


Well done Dave! You earned it. To be discussed further on the SOTA table. See you at SARS. 73, John.

Congratulations Dave!