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G1INK rare visit to G/SE area

I try to avoid the G/SE region if at all possible, however on my return from Germany I took the opportunity to “tick off” a few more summits. My version of Golf Courses on the air can be viewed at:-

In reply to G1INK:

Oi, do you mind! Some of us have to live here :slight_smile:

Mick 2E0MCV

In reply to M3MCV:

What I don’t understand Mick is why Steve has to make a song and dance about getting up the hill - stiff ascent, slippery chalk, etc. etc :wink: Maybe being just a mere mortal I don’t understand such things, but my lowly status in life did not stop me enjoying the very pleasant ascent from the ENE along Week Lane and the well marked footpath. Not a golfer in sight as I operated from the OA land to the south of the trig. No busy road either and a parking spot in the shade. Right luxury!

Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:

Yes, a difficult one to activate on VHF as the summit area is private land with no PROW. Like Gerald, we operated from OA land which is just within the AZ and whilst we were there we met a local who said he had been asked to leave the summit on numerous occasions. Obvioulsy a contentious subject.

I think this was probably the closest I have come to not qualifying a summit - despite there being a VHF contest on at the time.

Nice walk, though.

Oh, I did the SDW earlier this year so I can definitely confirm that the chalk in those parts is very slippery when damp. Even just the morning dew is enough!

73, Richard

Hi All,

Me and my Dad M1EYP, also ascended Cliffe Hill G/SE-014 via Week Lane when we activated it last year. I’m sure this is the easiest and shortest way to ascend Cliffe Hill G/SE-014. Me and my Dad M1EYP managed to activate on 2m FM at the trig point. It was difficult getting four contacts up there, but we worked one person who had three callsigns, this made it lot easier to activae the summit. No golfers were on the summit because of the rain, so no problems activating at all.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to G4ERP:

Yes Richard I was amply warned by your report on the summit and activated it during the May 2008 2m contest - worked 6 chasers including yourgoodself, then 2E0ZML on the Isle of Wight and topped up the total with 3 French contest stations to get to my preferred double figure total. Overall not as traumatic as some I’ve done since… GW/NW-065 Gamallt was certainly the most worrying!

73, Gerald

Not one I would choose to return to. Glad to get it out of the way!


In reply to M1EYP:

Not one Id return to either- however it was infinitely better than Crowborough (which I did about 2am in the morning). On my approach from the North there were a fair few stiles over the golf course fence, so they werent being over zealous with their privacy. I sat at the edge of the fairway with my 80m dipole on show. 3 golfers walked past & spoke to me & as I started to pack up, the greens keeper chugged past on a tractor & never gave me a second look.
I suppose that if Id done my homework, Id have found an easier route to the top. As it was I`d just printed off the maps of all the G/SE summits & did as many as I could before heading home. Thankfully only 5 G/SE remain outstanding for me - I will tackle these before the end of the summer.

In reply to G1INK:

Hi, Steve.

We noticed the stiles on our walk-in from the south. One corresponds with a footpath around the lower part of the hill. I puzzled over the others then realised that all golfers aren’t Tiger Woods so I guess they have to retrieve lost balls from the OA land.

Although the summit is a disappointment for these reasons, the walk-in from the south is super. You overlook one of this area’s fantastic dry valleys on the last half mile. We actually did about seven miles that afternoon as we were stopping the far side of Lewes so we started out right down on the flood plane. Lewes is worth a visit as well if you get the chance. Super town with quaint houses and plenty of good coffee shops.

Got some funny looks marching through the town carring rucksack, mast etc. …

73, Richard

In reply to G1INK:

Crowsborough is the last summit I need to complete England. You can hear me mentioned it at the end of your video, but I hadn’t realised until later you had done another summit between Crowsborough and Cliffe Hill.

I used to play golf so I quite like the idea of golf courses on the air, you would just need ‘FORE!’ contacts to qualify. I am sure I could slip a couple of SLABs and the 857 in my golf bag and disguise an antenna as a flag stick. Golfers might get a bit touchy if you start yelling CQ in a loud voice so maybe CW and headphones would be the order of the day.

Steve GW7AAV

In reply to G1INK:

Thankfully only 5 G/SE remain outstanding for me - I will tackle these before the end of the summer.

Maybe arrange a joint activation on SE-003, but I’m sure you’d still outwalk me to the summit from the car park!
No doubt you’d want me to carry the beer :wink:

73, Gerald

In reply to G4ERP:

The golfers on Cliffe Hill are so crap they have to retrieve their balls from the English Channel!

I’ve mentioned Crowborough before, it’s the only summit from which I have abandoned an activation due to sheer boredom