G0VWP - Lakes Weekend Activation Report


Set off from York 11:40 BST on A59 then on to the A1 to scotch corner and a detour to Gainford to see my X Sgt Major Barrie and his Wife Maureen arrived at 13:10 BST the traffic was not to bad at all, his wife Maureen insisted I stayed and had a bite to eat and there was no getting out of it but was nice to see them.
Back on the road again and onto the A66 traffic again not to bad but the 40mph bits are a pain, the traffic in the Lakes was good to say it was a bank holiday weekend.
I did arrive later than planned, was going to do Low Fell LD-042 but by the time I’d have got the tent up and sorted out it would have been late so had to give it a miss (sorry Mick HJD).

So got sorted out tent up rucksack packed ready for Saturday morning by which time I was ready for a meal and a beer so off I went down to the riverside bar at the Scafell Hotel, had the trout then the Gammon stake and the sticky pudding washed down with a few beers, the riverside was not busy for a bank holiday so got the meal very quickly.
I was in the sack by 11:30pm not a lot on the campsite so it was quite.


Grisdale Pike G/LD-015

Was up early had a coffee and drove into Keswick for a sausage and egg butty and a large tea from the wagon in the car park, then off I went to find the car park I did infact park where you said Tom (M1EYP) the one called Comb Bridge), I set off to look for the path to Grisdale Pike along Sanderson Gill this path brings you back on yourself anyway a local guy told me where it was as its not singed from the car park.
Well over the stile and on my way up in thick mist all the way up to the top, got set up, then sent a text to Mick HJD.
First contact was Geoff GM4WHA/P in Annan had 17 in all M1YAM/P on LD-010 - MI3LJQ/P Billy on EI/IS-003 Brandon Mountain - Martin on LD-004 2m FM + 70cm FM.
I packed up and headed down towards Grasmoor LD-009 the sun was just starting to burn off the mist and by the time I was down it was well and truly hot so off came the fleece.

Grasmoor G/LD-009

I set off up in the hot sun got to the Carin it was busy so I setup in the small shelter over looking Buttermere and Crummock Water it was a fantastic view, first contact was 12;20 UTC M3TMX Jordan on my VX-7R took two more then setup the SOTA BEAM the next contact came from Billy MI3LJQ/P again at 13:45 UTC on EI/IS-003 18 contacts all told along with M1YAM/P on LD -007 and Fred GI4MWA/P on GI/MM-011 all so Harry GI0THZ/M the last call I took was at 14:23 UTC so packed up as I had to go back over Griedale Pike and by the time I’d got there the heat had took its toll so I made my way down to the car the legs had gone so did not do LD-033, will do that next time in the Lakes.
So back to the campsite showered changed a bite to eat and a few beers in the Riverside and I was refreshed.
I was in the sack again by 11pm but at 12pm the wind got up along with the rain and was like that till around 0430hrs hence late up to do LD-008.


Blencathra G/LD-008

The ascent up was very windy but kept the rain at bay, first contact was at 11:00 UTC Mick 2E0HJD/M only took eight contacts as after Jimmy M3EYP/P the weather change all of a sudden with hail snow and rain so had to pack it in I nearly lost the WASP so got off there ASP, sorry for the one’s that never got the contact with me.
I know when I got back to the car the heater was on full blast for 30mins so’s to get warm through then had the soup I’d put in the flask before setting off back to camp.
I had a hot shower changed into dry togs.

I’d like to say thanks to Mick 2E0HJD and G4BLH for spotting me and hope to meet up one day.
All so to all who called in over the weekend thank you.