G0VWP: Act G/NP-015 & G/NP-016, 09-01-2013

Great Knoutberry Hill G/NP-015:

Radio - FT-857D.
5000mah 11.1 Li-Po battery.
Ant 1 - Link- dipole 20-28-40-80-60m 9m mast with 1m end sticks fastend to fence with velcro straps from SOTABEAMS.
Ant 2 - MDF for 2m FM/SSB fastend to fence with velcro straps.

The weather for the day was forcast as a good clear frosty day with plenty of sunshine.

I left York around 0545hrs with a steady drive Garsdale Head then took the road to Garsdale Sta up to gate at SD779880 where I parked the car, walked down the track to SD776874 were there is a gate on the left going through the gate and there is a second gate go through that gate and follow the path along the fence all the way up to the trig, the path may be a bit wet in places when not frosty, plenty of room for wire antenners.

It was a good day on the top with no mist but very frosy with temps around 2c but the sun got out and with in 30mins it warmed up and the frost went there was a slight breeze but that was only now and then.

Plenty of QSO’s on 2m - fm-35
2m - ssb-4
40m - lsb-1
60m - ssb-17
Had S2S’S with Mike 2E0YYY/P G/SP-004, David G0EVV/P G/LDW-189, Barry MW0IML/P GW/NW-075, Carolyn GW0WRW/P GW/NW-040 and Karen 2W0XYL/P GW/NW-003

A good activation and well worth a trip out,left the fell around 1245hrs to go over to Dodd Fell Hill G/NP-016.

Dodd Fell Hill G/NP-016:

Radio - FT857D.
5000mah 11.1 Battery
Ant MDF 2m fm/ssb supported by walking sticks as very wet around trig.

A good drive over from G/NP-015 not a lot of traffic on the road to Hawes turned on to the road to Gayle then followed road to SD806846 then turned off here onto the track to the gate at SD830833 go through the gate to SD829834 were I parked the car right on the Pennine Way walked along the path to SD834844 and headed towards the cairn on the fell on your right from there follow the path which is hit and miss but when you get a bit higher up you will see the trig, it’s a bit wet around the trig but plenty of space for wire antennas.

Plenty of QSO’s again on this one to qualifie with
2m ssb - 6
2m fm - 12
1 S2S with Karen 220XYL/P GW/NW-003

A nice day out all told and I would like to thank the chasres that spotted me, I was not shure if I was going to to do HF as I did not put this on the post but did have a go on G/NP-015.

G/NP-015 Great Knoutberry Hill 2203ft
Walking Distance 1.13mls
G/NP-016 Dodd Fell Hill 2189ft
Waling Distance 1.06MLS
Total Asent 867ft
Total Walking Distance 2.19mls

73 Terry G0VWP

In reply to G0VWP:
Nice report Terry,
A good pair of hills too. I think we had the best day of the week. Thanks for the QSO at around noon. We were travelling around from NP1 to NP18. I just had the handheld and worked you from inside the car! I am sorry we didn’t find your glasses on the NP1 route. We did look but your new contact lenses should do the job just as well. Just try not to lose them on the next one! HI.
HNY and 73, John G4YSS.