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G0HIO - Shack Sloth

My congrats to G0HIO, Michael , reach Shack-Sloth stat. a few days ago.
Michael became a regular at my activations last times…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Congratulations on the Shack Sloth Michael. Your activation of Shining Tor G/SP-004 was one of my very first CW chaser contacts.

In reply to M1EYP:
Congrats Michael on SS,
73 de Geoff,G4CPA

In reply to G4CPA:
Thanks for the words of encouragement. Its true what they say it’s a very addictive pastime this SOTA stuff. Just got my plaster off (broken arm) so hope to get out tomorrow for some exercise on NW022 Moel Eilio (eiei o etc) It doesn’t look to demanding and the weather forecast is reasonable, so I will be able to give some points back and creep up to 60 points myself.

This is my first opportunity to say thanks to Tom, Richard and all who set up and run SOTA a brilliant idea. Why there is so much discussion about changing rules I don’t understand it clearly works as it stands.

73’s to all Mike

I can’t take credit for the idea or setting up of SOTA. That was John G3WGV and Richard G3CWI. I came in as a participant some six months later, and like yourself, got hooked.

Cheers, Tom