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G0CQK - G/LD-004 Skiddaw - Tuesday 12th June 2007


I was out with a non radio amateur walking group today on a route that crossed over Skiddaw, so having manipulated it such that lunch break would be at the shelter just beside Skiddaw summit, I was able to take a brief break to try and activate this summit (having failed to qualify last time I was here on 11th May). My first calls on 145.500 were met with a carrier with no audio at S9, so thinking that someone may be having a mic problem, I advised of that. However, once I had my first contact, and QSY’d to .400, surprisingly the blank carrier followed. Nevertheless with some difficulty the contact exchange was successful. Three more QSOs with relevant exchanges allowed me to qualify the summit, but the highly intelligent individual with the “faulty mic” didn’t seem to understand his or her problem and insisted on trying to make a successful QSO with me, but never managed to make an audible contact - a bit sad really - get the mic fixed and try again next time. However this did make my QSOs with those who helped qualify the summit somewhat disjointed, so my apologies to them, if my end of the conversation seemed a bit vague. After my fourth successful QSO, a QRZ brought no further response, although I could have missed something while my unfortunate friend with the “faulty mic” attempted to get through. So sorry if I missed anyone. Thanks to Mike G4BLH for spotting me.
73 all
jim g0cqk


In reply to G0CQK:
Hi Jim,

Liked your report. Interesting about the blank carrier and also the lack of pile-up. In six ascents I only managed to get a goodly total of QSO’s (50) in 2006, when I carried HF. The other five times starting June 2002, all added together got me a ‘grand’ total of 32 QSO’s with simple 2m FM QRP omni vertical eqpt. I have seen a wealth of disappointment expressed, over the years, at the lack of response (to basic 2m FM) by activators from Skiddaw, though it is not as bad as Knott or Burnhope Seat. For an ‘English Munro’ it really is quite dire, screened as it is from the ‘lucrative’ Lancashire strip. I rarely seem to be able to hang around long enough to give it a ‘good workout’ being with a walking group usually and having to play ‘catch-up’ all the time. You were ‘on the same horse’ I see.

I was up there last Tuesday and didn’t see a soul. It wasn’t a bad day either. As is usual from there, the 2m FM band ‘dried-up’ quickly. Even so, my catch-up efforts were in vain on that occasion.

Glad you are out and about though Jim and pleased you qualified it OK this time. Max points is not to be ‘sniffed at’ and certainly worth hanging around for.

73, John G4YSS.