G/WB double activation

As I was heading to Shifnal to visit https://lilleracewear.com/ to get measured I decided to activate
G/WB-010 - The Wrekin & G/WB-002 - Brown Clee Hill

G/WB-010 - The Wrekin
Parked in the Forest Glen Car and faffed around paying for parking as the parking meter was out of order. Luckily I had enough of a 4g signal to be able to pay online. £3.15 for 3hrs including a 15p booking fee.
Looking at the weather I decided waterproof trousers was a good idea.

Following the path/driveway type road to up the hill took me past ‘Halfway House’ which is for sale
See here:

Part way up

Hillfort information

At the top

When I did get to the top I was wonder where the trig point was. Then some mist moved to reveal

Further investigation revealed

After some pondering of where to setup, I decided it was all just as wet and misty, so I got setup just on the bank and got the mast up and plumbed in.

I was going to self-spot but decided to try and see what happens calling CQ.
CQing gave me 9 contacts on 2m.

While packing up I spotted this, which was hidden in the mist

The mist re-appeared and then mast almost disappeared again!

All done, I returned to the car to dry out and have a bite to eat before making the move to Brown Clee Hill

G/WB-002 - Brown Clee Hill

For Brown Clee Hill I parked at the location shown here Catterblog: The favourite five summits in the Welsh Borders

Just enough room for two cars. I parked close to the yellow salt bin to allow access to both gates if needed.

Again waterproofs required. Kit sorted and off I went. Not sure how long it took me to do the clumb but I stopped off part way a couple of times to admire the view…I mean have a breather…

As I approached the hill after the last gate the ground was soggy and muddy.
Once at the top the views improved as the mist had lifted a bit.

I got setup on 2m and tried a self spot but for some reason I was getting certificate errors accessing sotawatch to self spot. I gave up and again called CQ.
15 in the log before grey/black clouds appeared in the distance.
I took this a hint to pack in. Just as I got packed up and halfway across the boggy ground, rain appeared followed by a brief hailing session.

Back to the car, sat nav set and an ETA of 1830 / or 2hrs drive home.

Cheers chasers.



Nice to get you in the log John on Brown Clee. The weather definitely picked up by the looks of the mist on The Wrekin!

Cheers. The weather certainly improved compared to The Wrekin. Apart from the hail during the descent.