G/WB-017 Shobdon Hill operation location

I’m currently doing a bit of background info in preparation to getting up the hills.
I have the XLS list of summits for my area and I am going through adding my own columns for Maidenhead and WAB squares, and will add WAB Trigs to it too.
(May as well cover all bases once I have lugged stuff up these hills!)

Anyway, I notice the grid ref for Shobdon Hill is SO381640.
This seems to be as the highest point at 326 metres is near there (I make it SO381641).
The trig point looks lower at 305metres, and 0.24 miles away, but looks to be clearer of trees.

Would this be a valid SOTA operational spot for this hill?

Yes, as long as there is not a col between them which drops below the 25m allowance . It looks like you’re in the AZ with 3m to spare .

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cool thanks.