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Hi all

I am hoping in the next month or so to activate Worcester Beacon and I also would want to walk the ridge between it and Herefordshire Beacon. My thoughts are to may be park at British Camp Car Park and if there is a bus route catch a bus and go to the Worcester Beacon end first, activate the hill and then walk back along the ridge to the car park at Herefordshire Beacon. I did note on the web reference to a Hopper bus service but couldnt make out whether it was still running or not. Is there such a bus service which would make this possible?? It would be during a week day.


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Hi Jonathan

as far as i know the buses only run at weekends and bank holidays in the summer not sure wether they are still running this year and what the dates of operation are.

73 Phil

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The Hopper service was cut last year. You can get the 44 / 44b Ledbury - Worcester, however it only runs past British camp on Sundays & bank holiday mondays.
Current timetable :-
From 29th May :-

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Many thanks for the replies. Its a shame the Hopper service has stopped. I think I will just park at the WB end, activate the hill and then do a circular walk of 6 miles or so.