G/WB-008 Hergest Ridge

My 600th unique Marilyn today.

Bit of a mini celebration.

Hope to speak to some of you later.

Of course I’ve been climbing them since before SOTA and in fact since before Marilyn’s themselves were listed… so nowhere near that total for SOTA.

Edit: Updated as activation report now… details below.


We seem to have similar plans for today…
Might see you later if I make it up the hill.

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Isn’t this peak name also a Mike Oldfield’s album name? :grinning:
73 Moises

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Well Done Gerald am pleased for you . Thanks for the contact . Reason Hergest is special to me is when I was a teenager Mike Oldfield was one of my favourites and I always wondered if the album was based on a real name, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw you were actually there. Sorry for the long waffle.
Best 73

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Indeed, Mike Oldfield lived for a time on the slopes of the opposite hill, which is also a SOTA summit, Bradnor Hill G/WB-011

Incidentally the locals pronounce the name with a hard g, “her-gest” and correct people like me who get it wrong and pronounce it “her-jest”




Congrats on the 600th. Fine achievement. Good to be a tiny part of it by working you today. :smiley:

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Hi Gerald

Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for the s2s today. I’m glad you chased me on 40m as I was in the middle of a pileup when I heard you call on 2m (you were 5/9 on 2m as well).

73 Allan

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Incidentally the locals pronounce the name with a hard g, “her-gest” and correct people like me who get it wrong and pronounce it “her-jest” (M5RJC)

The locals we know, who live in Kington, call it Har-gest - but perhaps they have been gender sensitive for longer…! However the most striking attribute of the hill is that splendid grove of monkey puzzle trees - and the disused race track!!

Parking in Kington and walking up to Bradnor and then Hergest makes quite a good day for us but some of these speed merchants would add about 4 more hills as well and still get home for lunch!

Congrats Gerald on your 600th Marilyn which is very impressive and sorry we couldn’t try for a s2s but we had to cancel our activation as my February sprained ankle that won’t settle has gone bad and I’m confined to house and garden again. Grrrh.

73 Viki


No comment :smile:

The trees were interesting, i couldn’t find a sign or plaque explaining them but a chaser told me the former land owner brought them back from his travels as a momento.
Totally forgot to check out the race course while I was there: I saw it on the map but the path runs right through the middle of it.

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Viki - I stand corrected !!

Reminds me of asking a farmer how to pronounce Carneddau properly.
The response - “well I’ve lived here all my life and we call it Caneddy”




Glad we met up!

Indeed… although I only found that out myself today!

Thank you!!

No apology needed… if you waffled I didn’t notice… happy to chat if people want to. I do “sprint” a bit when there is a pile up on, but if some one wants to chat I don’t complain. Well, as long as I’m not freezing my whatsits off :rofl: :joy:

Thank you!!

Great to get you S2S as always Allan!

Thanks and sorry to hear your ankle still playing up. As I am finding, stuff doesn’t heal up quite so quick as I get a bit older. :cry:

G/WB-009 Hergest Ridge. I picked a lovely sunny day for my 600th Marilyn summit. Sadly many were climbed way before SOTA existed and in fact lots were climbed before the Marilyns list itself existed!

Contacts on 2m FM, 40m SSB and 20m SSB.
Nice little collection of S2S contacts too.
Great to get some familiar callsigns in the log on this special activation, I won’t dare list any of them as I’m bound to miss someone out…

Met Peter @MW0PJE on the summit. He arrived by Mountain Bike. He took over the summit so I ended up being able to chase the summit as I descended.

FT857 - 10W on 2m FM to Slim G, 30W-50W on 40m/20m to inverted V.


Good pictures with lovely sunshine - obviously a bit warmer than our visit on 21 March 2018:

shows the (unexciting!) racecourse and the trees on the skyline

the stand of monkey puzzle trees (Araucaria araucana)

with M0JLA chatting on the VX7 with stick aerial!
Unfortunately I can’t remember what the story behind the trees is and, as mentioned, there is now no information that we could find when we were up there last month. Certainly a favourite hill for us to visit but not always easy to qualify on 2m with 5w and a dipole. Also fending off the horses can sometimes be a problem!


Found this online and actually heard someone talk about it on the radio while I was up there.

They were RACING around while we were there. Didn’t come close, but I was concerned that if they did that they would take out the legs of the dipole!

Well I got exactly ONE 2m FM contact on 10w using the Slim G antenna! So not my best haul.