G/WB-004 to France Mobile 2M FM

Hi all traveling back from my European Tour and heard G4VFL (Andrew) on G/BW-004 one of my local summits and I was still in France. He gave me a 5/7 and I returned with a 5/5. Well done Andrew a great signal.
Paul F/M0PLA/M


I’m very envious as I have been longing to get across the Channel on one of my 2m fm activations. I’ve have tried to contact France on 3 occasions: the first was whilst on Shining Tor (SP-004) which seemed rather distant!, a South coast summit when i was told that a French station was calling me but I could hear nothing and the 3rd was on the Ysgryd/Skirrid (GW/SW-016) near Abergavenny when I heard both sides of the conversation but couldn’t join in. That was the day (7/9/2016) that I achieved my longest 2m fm S2s with G4OBK/P on G/TW-002 Cringle Moor in the North York Moors - a distance of 309km. Quite pleasing on 5w with a dual band dipole! We were up on GW/SW-016 (a favourite local summit) a fortnight ago but the only S2s was with 2E0YYY/P on the Gun SP-013 which wasn’t quite so surprising - but still very welcome, thank you Micky! I’ll keep on listening but won’t bother to put my French dictionary in the bulging rucksack unless I hear there is a lift on…!
73 Viki M6BWA

Conditions were well up for the two days, the day before I worked 2 Germans on 2m-FM from GW/MW-001.

Interestingly 4m did not yield a bountiful supply of DX QSOs.

My son reported that the AIS (shipping) on 160MHz was confused because for example the Isle of Man receiver was getting reports for shipping in the English Channel.

73 de Andrew G4VFL