G/WB-004 Activation - 12/01/14

Apologies to anyone who missed a QSO with me/Sarah on Titterstone Clee Hill. The drive up and down to the car park alone merited the 3 bonus points because of the thick mist. It was too windy for HF but managed to erect the 2m vertical dipole even though it bent a lot in the wind. The 817 misbehaved and wouldn’t budge from 40m so had to resort to the Wouxun handie. It was becoming more difficult to hear stations and the wind was getting stronger and the mist was getting wetter so thought it best to pack up on grounds of safety and not getting the radio too wet. Thanks to the chasers who did get through.

Best 73s
Alastair M0TYM & Sarah M6HBT