G/WB-002 road closures till mid Feb 2020

Hi All,

Anyone going to activate Brown Clee Hill G/WB-002 note that there are extensive road closures of the lanes in the area affecting access to the starting point at SO585869 near Bank House. Posted diversions don’t always get you to where you think they will or want to be… best take an OS map of the area (or electronic equivalent!) to assist in navigation. Access to other starting points may also be affected.

According to the sign boards the closures are active from 2nd Jan 2020 for 44 days.

73 de Paul G4MD

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Must be ‘fixing’ what is left of the road surface… So far, since the middle of December, they’ve cost me 2 x torn tyres, one radiator grille and a windscreen :frowning:

And that’s on the main roads!
Diversions do tend to get diverted onto other diversions, and then just peter out in the middle of nowhere… It’s a wonderful place :slight_smile:


Sorry to dash your hopes Don - work seems to be concerned with installation of new pipework - holes being dug all over the place, affecting many miles of road :-s

That captures the effect perfectly :rofl:

Paul hasn’t commented on the state of the minor roads. In places it was impossible to avoid the potholes. In other areas there were deep furrows running down the side of the road just right for wheels to slip into. Thank goodness we were in his Landie. I reckon my Quattro would be going in for repairs to the suspension had we gone in that. Just pleased I don’t live around there!

Good thing you aren’t visiting any of Herefordshire’s little summits as our potholes are far superior to those in Shropshire! Our car doesn’t really notice the holes on the road into Brown Clee via Tugford where the road closed signs proliferated. We were much relieved to find that the way to our usual parking (by the mini library in the telphone box) was still open with the ‘we are really closed’ sign just beside our turn. I do wish they would tell you where the road was actually closed as this was some miles beyond the first sign. Our potholes are just as good in the market towns and in Hereford and I just have to remember where they are when I come home on the bike in the dark. Roll on the lighter evenings!

PS We drove up the valley to the parking between GW/SW-009 and 015 (M Troed and Llangorse) a couple of days ago and noticed that the road had deteriorated badly with potholes and broken away margins (and streams of water down it which would have been ice if the sun hadn’t been shining). We thus decided to return to Talgarth by going over the pass and descending to the village of Llangorse and driving up the B road. The surface was better but the ice at a couple of junctions at 4pm, with the sun shining nearly all day, was so bad that we realised we would never have made it to the parking if we’d tried that route on the way up. Anyone got a spare 4x4??