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G/TW Area Funday and Supper - Thursday 29th October 2015

Thanks Barry I was thinking of that summit been working next to it Mormond Hill, but had to travel further south for another job, going for GM/ES-085.

Hope the rain keeps away for a wee bit.


Should have said on the mast nice view of the hunters lodge.

I’m afraid I have to give my apologies as it looks like I’m not going to be able to activate TW-005 on the 29th. A family member has been taken ill on the Isle of Man and I’m heading over on Monday to provide additional care.
Currently I’ve no idea how long this will take, it could be a few days or a few weeks. If I’m back before the 29th I’ll post here and carry on as previously planned.


Hi psi,

I am sorry to hear that you may not be able to activate TW 005
It seems a pity to leave it out of the fun day so I will do it.
Should you be available I shall stay up north or, maybe join you



Is there a common time people are aiming to activate the TW 5? Last time I looked on SOTAWatch it seemed a bit piecemeal. I’m hoping to be able to escape my desk in the afternoon and am currently wondering whether to activate one of the NPs to give a bit of variety or stick with a joint activation of one of the top 3 TWs

Have decided to come up to this event. Will be travelling up on the Tuesday and staying at Slingsby. Plan to do a couple of the summits on Wed and then Thursday will drive down to TW-005 and activate that probably arriving there at 11:00 approx. Then stopping off at TW-004 on the way back.


Looks like “High-Noon” will capture all but TW-003 at the moment.


Ah ha! It’s coming together. I might try for 003 then at as near to 1200z as I can make it. 40m SSB and 2m FM probably (wx permitting - if it’s raining then just 2m).

Well I’ve asked Phil to pack some of that Ibiza sunshine into his pack and bring it back with him, so we’ll see how that goes HI.

Hi Peter,
Do you realise that by the 29th UTC will be local time? You say you expect to be on TW-005 at 11am but you have spotted as 10am.

Also we are trying to get all TW summits active at the same time, so are you able to stay until 12 Noon, when it appears all other TW summits will be active?


Thanks Ed, I hadn’t realised that! Clocks go back this coming Saturday. I’m going to have to try and leave a bit earlier to make a 1200 activation time

Hi Ed
Doh! had forgotten that (now changed) thanks for correcting me but would have stayed anyway.


As TW005 is going to be activated any way, I shall revert back to plan A and join Pete on TW001


Ok Peter,
That’d be good if you could stay until after 12 noon so that we can have all summits active at the same time and hopefully all get s2s contacts with each other.
At the moment I’m sat here thinking of an old English children’s rhyme with a little change - " rain, rain go away Thursday is SOTA day".

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Good evening gentlemen,

I’ve made it back to Blighty in one piece and all is now well on the little island once again. I see that Peter G1FOA is now planning to activate TW 005 at around 12 noon but as I’m back I still plan on heading up there although I might be there a little earlier. I should have a clearer idea of time tomorrow as right now I need a cuppa and a bite to eat then a G&T (or two) after the drive home.


HI Simon

The weather for Thursday is set for intermittent rain in the G/TW area of interest. You may be luckier down on the Lincolnshire Wolds. Here is the list of participants and what they have ordered to eat at the pub in the evening:

If I have missed anyone out then please shout up…

Let’s just hope there are more dry periods than wet ones - but we have a pleasing number of participants irrespective of that. I’m really looking forward to the evening social event.

73 Phil G4OBK
G/TW SOTA Area Manager

Looking at the forecast I will probably only be on 2m (or 70cm if anyone asks nicely :wink:). I would like to try heading down to 004 as well if possible as the last time I was there I failed to make any contacts - 'twud be nice to get an activation point :blush:- pure selfish greed!

Good luck all for tomorrow.

Power to house here has been on and off frequently today as a local transformer went on the blink. Last
power out was about an hour ago so I am assuming all ok now. If there is power tomorrow will listen out.


Latest weather looks “OK” from 12 noon onwards but a wet morning up until then. I still hope to be on g/tw-002 at noon and g/tw-001 around 3:30ish. Of course will be at “the 19th summit” - the pub at 6pm to recount experiences.
Here’s to an enjoyable SOTA fun day.


Thus far, worked G4OOE on TW004 and G0VWP on TW002 both on 20m from Malta using 9H3DS,

Wish I was coming to the evening do but will have to put up with 22C and sunny!

David G0EVV and 9H3DS

Many thanks to the activators for going out today in the not so good WX. I managed to work all 5 TW summits.

Hope you all have a great evening in the pub.

73 Mick M0MDA