G/TW Area Funday and Supper - Thursday 29th October 2015

As the manager for the G/TW area I am proposing that an Area Funday and Supper be held on Thursday 29th October 2015.

I hope sufficient support can be garnered to activate all five summits that day in the Tees to the Wash region.

Additionally a social event is planned for SOTA Activators and Chasers from 6.00pm onwards that night at The Grapes Inn, Great Habton, near Malton SE 759764. This country pub offers a “Midweek Madness” event on that day when Sirloin Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, Chips and Peas is available for £10, or Fillet Steak for £15. Other food items are of course available off the normal pub menu.

Please join in either as an activator or chaser. If you wish to come to the supper please let me know via the email address in QRZ.COM you will be coming by Weds 28th October. I can then get the number of covers reserved and the meat will be ordered… Sirloin, Fillet or Menu - the choice is yours.

73 de Phil G4OBK
G/TW Area Manager

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A great idea Phil and please count me in.

Nick G4OOE

I will come along with Nick

SOTA and Pub Grub! What else can man ask for - I’ll be flying in from Germany (actually I’m over visting my Brother & Sister), so listen out for my “other” call sign G8GLM/P from at least one of the TW summits.


What else can man ask for

Dancing girls?

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Here we go again :smile:

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On a summit…


No, at your table…

Sounds like a brill idea Phil



Great news guys - thanks for rising to this one and offering to take part. I have to attend an important meeting in the morning on the day, but hope to drive north and do G/TW-003 in the afternoon before heading back for the pub meal by 6.00pm. G/TW-001, 002 and 004 should get covered by the other current prospective participants, but if anyone wishes to join me for a QRO HF activation on TW-003 in the afternoon they would be more than welcome. (If inclement I will only activate on 2m FM).

So far I have had expressions of interest from at least 7 SOTA enthusiasts who will activate and/or eat at the pub.

My only worry is that G/TW-005 Normanby Wold may not get aired on the day - it’s a long drive out from North Yorkshire. Any offers from anyone who hasn’t yet got in touch please?

73 de Phil

I (sadly) won’t be able to make it for the meal (or the dancing girls) but I may be able to activate TW-005 as it’s just up the road from me in Horncastle. I’ll have to check with the boss that that day is clear but I should be able to confirm by Monday or Tuesday.


Hope you can activate TW-005, it’d be great to get all TW summits on the air at the same time and all activators to get S2S contacts with all the other summits. Will you be running 2m FM or HF SSB?

Ed (G8GLM while in the UK).

I’ll most likely be taking the 817 with me so I’ll have a variety of options but I’ll take antenna to cover 20m & 40m plus a SOTABeams MFD for 2m FM and SSB. If the weather turns out to be on the unpleasant side I’ll throw a 2m HT in the bag and the MFD and just operate FM.


Hi Phil,
Will op from G/TW-004 just hope the WX holds out, will operate 20,40 60m and 2m fm/ssb will look forward to the day.
73 de Terry G0VWP

Hi Terry,
I believe Nick G4OOE & Roy G4SSH are heading to G/TW-004, so you’ll have company, or perhaps you’ll be there at different times?

I’ll be up on G/TW-002 possibly followed by TW-001 with my brother, Jim G8DCD.

If Phil covers G/TW-003 and possibly TW-001(in case we don’t make it) and Psi can get to TW-005 we’ll have all TW summits covered! - I expect some will activate two summits, so overall there should be a good chance for chasers to bag the complete region!


Hi All

I am going to TW-004 but as you know there is plenty of room for more than one station and we could keep in touch on 2 metres so we avoid operating on the same band at the same time. Terry - It will be good to see you out again.

Nick G4OOE

Hi Nick,
Well looks like we have all TW’s covered, and yes not been able to get out as had the op on the right eye and now able to drive after getting the all clear will be nice to meet up again and to meet Roy who I’ve not met at all.

Terry G0VWP

Just to confirm I have the day cleared and marked up in the diary so no one is able to find something else for me to do. 73.

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Wish I had the day cleared had to go to Peterhead last minute today with work, won’t be back till late on Thursday.
I do have the ft817 with me so if I find the time and the weather is kind I may try for a quick activation on my way home.

Hope you all have a fun day.


ES-087 is almost on your doorstep if you are in Peterhead - look for the masts on Mormond Hill and it is right next to it to the North