What a beautiful day! Blue skies, fresh powder snow and plenty of contacts. (I even had a snow plow clearing the road for me). Bloomin’ cold in the wind though.

I heard Jonathan (GW2HFR/P) on 17m at a readable 5/2 and tried calling a few times. Then I heard him telling someone he was running 150W! Ahh, that’s why :thinking: Never mind, next time.

Thanks to all the chasers. I’m grateful for your patience and good behaviour when several called at once.


Thanks for the S2S Andy
73 from Gerald

You’re welcome Gerald. Thank you also!

lovely picture. Never been up there in the snow.

My nearest SOTA summit! and my 1st activation of it was on skis :wink:

I did think about skis when I went cross country up to my knees! Bit of a slog for the ascent though. On balance I wish I’d taken my gaiters! It’s my 3rd nearest, but this was my first ascent from the Commondale side.

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Yes it was nice! The stone windbreak was welcome at the summit, but I was starting to get chilly after an hour. No shelter for the walk though, so I was glad of my balaclava then.

And you could do a bank or postoffice on the way home to help with the cost of Christmas! :wink: :pirate_flag:

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or grow a beard like some I know :wink:

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