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G/SP's recently

Thanks very much to everyone who’s chased me the last couple weeks. I seem to have a knack of getting afternoons off every time there’s a huge great rainstorm over Lancashire so apologies if my time on the summits has been quite short!

This afternoon on White Hill was a particularly wet example; wading through knee high water required in places to get to the top so it was quite a relief to get that 4th QSO. It’s nice to be recognising some of the callsigns, names and voices of some of you now too.

So to all chasers out there - thank you very much - the chasing is hugely appreciated!!!

In reply to 2W0NNN:
Pleased that you got your 4th contact Ioan.
I continued to listen after working you and had xyl,Marjorie m3ulv, standing by just in case.
David G6LKB

In reply to 2W0NNN:
Sorry about the wet feet,but,thank`s for the four summits & points.

In reply to 2W0NNN:

Glad I was able to catch you on White Hill yesterday. I definitely need to get a 2m beam installed, was pretty hard to pull you out of the noise but my first SOTA contact so very chuffed. I hope to catch you again, and maybe even to be the cold and wet activator at the top of the hill one of these days.

Good luck and thanks.

Niall (M0PDX)

In reply to M0PDX:

Go for it, but be warned it’s addictive! I can highly recommend sealskinz socks by the way :wink: they’ve been amazing the last few weeks!

Pics from some of these trips are at http://www.facebook.com/ioanjones85/photos_albums if anyone’s interested.