G/SP-007 Info for activators

Dear all,

A couple of months or so ago, I read that United Utilities were undertaking work to allow parts of the Bowland Fells to recover naturally from years of over-grazing by animals. This work would involve the erection of fences in certain areas to keep the grazing animals away from the areas of peat moorland that they were aiming to restore.

I didn’t post this on the reflector at the time as access for walkers or ramblers was, & still is, unnaffected by this work.

Recently, large sections of the fencing erected, have been “vandalised”, although I use that term loosely, as it appears to me that it has been carried out by organised persons with an agenda.

I have not yet seen the said fence, or the “vandalism” myself, & I do not for one moment think that anybody here would carry out such a deed, despite many of us having strong views about access to the countryside.

Be aware if you are intending to activate G/SP-007 Fair Snape Fell that foul deeds have been afoot. As someone who always has a pair of snips in my summit toolkit, I thought it prudent to warn other activators about this latest event.

A Link below to my local newspaper’s item about the latest incident:

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF