G SOTA Updates

Hi All,

There have been some grid reference, height and prominence changes for some of the G SOTA summit in accordance to the Hills Database. There are also some G SOTA summits that have spellings corrected and some G SOTA summits partially renamed in accordance to the Hill Database. Region G/TW Tyne to the Wash has been renamed Tees to the Wash as per RHB book.

I’m planning to remove Baystones G/LD-039 from the SOTA programme on the 31st of August 2010; this will give activators plenty of time to activate this summit. I will confirm this date when the Marilyn Hall of Fame Newsletter is published in May. This will be the time when I will send the updated G ARM to the SOTA Management Team and I will also send the G SOTA spreadsheets to the Management Team so that the updated G ARM is published to the SOTA website and the G SOTA updates will appear in the SOTA database, SOTA website and SOTAwatch.

I would like to announce the region managers for all the G SOTA regions.

G/CE – Richard G4ERP
G/DC – Peter G3TJE
G/LD – John G3WGV
G/NP – John G3WGV
G/SB – Jim G0CQK
G/SC – Peter G3TJE
G/SE – David G3RDQ
G/SP – Richard G3CWI
G/TW – Phil G4OBK
G/WB – Richard G4ERP

I would like to say thank you to the people above for taking the job as region manager for their local region(s).

Jimmy M3EYP G Association Manager