G/SE-002 Summit confusion

Hi All

Anyone who worked me today please check the summit that you have logged. An error has occurred because of a KU6J spot incorrectly assigning a summit reference.

Between 0830 & 0900 UTC I was operating from Leith Hill G/SE-002 (Correctly spotted)

Between 1020 & 1030 UTC I was operating from Botley Hill G/SE-005 (Incorrectly spotted). I did pass SE-005 to several stations but not sure if it was picked up.

It didn’t help that I had alerted to do the hills the other way round but an accident on the M3 and the need to re-route meant I did Leith then Botley Hills.

Conditions were appalling today on all fronts. The weather was wet and miserable, the bands were atrocious and the traffic really p***ed me off. Thanks to the few stations that managed to work me and help me qualify both hills.

73 Glyn

Hi Glyn.

I got back home about 45 mins ago or so ~sorry I could not do any more scary stuff :smile: .

I got trapped on the M25 because a lorry tail ended a car. I looked very early this morning at the Sol numbers and they were not great so not too suprised to read the bands were not good for you.

Well done on getting the hills qualified.


The system did exactly what it was told. :wink:

You are right Andy - I should have said KU6J assigned the correct summit, I was on the wrong hill :wink:

just something else to go wrong today.

Didn’t mention earlier that my palm paddle was playing up, missing the odd character. Could have been my brain, or fingers but prob the amount of water pouring over it!!!

was that just west of the M23 interchange Mike? because I hit stationery traffic there (metaphorically speaking) but managed to get off the M25 and cut across country to the A3 only to spend 2 hours in a stationery queue due to a car fire at Guildford :frowning:

It’s a problem that is very difficult to solve as it doesn’t have all the info. And of course the last thing you think about is changing alerts when you’ve been stuck in traffic trying to get to the hill. Or any hill. Add in a broken sky for complete SOTA joy :smile:

My Palm Paddle had a wee issue recently and I had to clean the dit contact. Just some grot inside after many activations. Also my finger tips are not so sensitive anymore after 18 years of sticking blood sugar testing pins in them. So duff operator plus dirty contacts plus damaged nerve endings = less optimal CW!

Hi Glyn,
Yes going anti-clockwise I have two choices turn off for M23 or A22. Doomed before I got to either. Favourite is M23 and then onto Turners Hill and then into the Ashdown Forest lanes which I know very well. If you decide to do Crowborough summit let me know…
Just went through the bands and all noise so…
Night night

Hi Mike

Had intended to activate Crowborough at the end of July when my XYL was getting her eyebrows done in Brighton. However, she has now rescheduled that visit to some time in August - will let you know. Plan is to do the activation from the woods behind the golf club - see Phil G4OBK report on summit info.


I’m presuming this was the reverse beacon network? I guess the only option, would be (if you have cell coverage) to self spot either via SMS or one of the SOTA apps if you have a smart phone.


Hi Ed

Yes we were referring to the KU6J RBN which populates Sotawatch providing you have submitted an alert. The problem I had today was that I had alerted 2 summits then had to swap them around so the RBN info did not tie in with the actual summit I was on.

I do have an Android smartphone app for self spotting on sotawatch but tend to rely on the RBN when in CW

73 Glyn

Quite a pleasant little bit of woodland with a reasonably clear area giving room for my 60m linked dipole. It took 20 minutes for only 5 contacts on 40m ssb.

Hope to catch you there as I still need that one. Also Leith Hill where I missed you today and would not have heard you on ssb anyway.


If I’m activating more than one summit on a day, I just alert as e.g. G/SE-??? and add an S+6 (or how ever many hours I need).
It then gives me full flexibility to change my plans due to traffic, access problems, etc…

KU6J will still spot me but it means that chasers have to actually listen for the summit reference :hushed:


Thanks Pete sounds like a great idea will try it next time I do a multiple activation, which tends to be most of the time.

73 Glyn