G-QRP Convention

As usual there were lots of SOTA folk at the G-QRP Convention yesterday. I gave a talk on portable operating which naturally mentioned SOTA (although that was not the main topic of my talk). The lecture theatre was completely full by the time I started so portable operating is obviously of interest.

My presentation included a live demo of the RBN with an ad-hoc portable station set up in two minutes with three audience members acting as antenna supports. To my surprise (and relief) it worked. All the more surprising given the semi-subterranean nature of the lecture theatre. My talk also included a discussion on the drying and reuse of teabags (and its relevance to portable operating) and the results of a non-scientific study comparing the BMI of the average radio club member with the average cycling club member.

Hopefully I have inspired one or two more to give portable a go.

73 Richard G3CWI

Amazing to see how many people wanted to leave the room in that first photo! :wink:


I am a highly experienced lecturer. I ensure that the doors are firmly locked before commencing.

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  • New LCD please, this one is covered in tea now.
  • Thanks for the valuable tip, I shall employ this at my next talk.