G/NP summit suggestions

Hi Guys

I have just booked a holiday cottage in Well near Masham for next April and am looking for one or two reasonably straight forward hills to bag. This is a family not a walking holiday so I need locations that are going to be fairly quick so the XYL is not sat too long twiddling her thumbs. Maybe some ideas for the XYL whilst I am walking - she can’t walk far!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

73 Glyn

Hi Glyn

I think that one of the easiest is Sharp Haw near Skipton. There is even a seat just a few feet from the summit for the xyl to sit.

Other easy ones are Fountains Fell and Penyghent both on the Pennine Way and accessible from the same road as they are directly opposite each other. Penyghent has a small scramble section but relatively easy.

I have just remembered Rombalds Moor overlooking Keighley and that is a very short walk as the car park by the antenna tower is in the activation zone!

Hope this helps

Nick G4OOE

I agree with Nick.

Rombalds moor G/NP-028 is probably the easiest summit. The car parking area is within the activation zone. The walk to the trig point is essentially flat and paved if you wish to do it ‘properly’.

Sharp Haw G/NP-029 is a nice little summit that feels much higher than it is. There is not much room right at the top but I have managed to use a 30m dipole from there without obstructing the path. I use the route from Bog Lane, there is a limited amount of space for car parking too.

Great Whernside G/NP-008 is high on the points to effort scale, John G4YSS describes the route he uses for his annual overnight activation in his excellent trip reports on this reflector.

Whernside G/NP-004 is another easy summit with high points to effort ratio, so easy it seems like cheating! Look in the summits pages for the quick route - easily takes less than a hour.

Birks Fell G/NP-031 is also not too bad to do but steep in some places.

73, Colin M1BUU

Thanks guys, much appreciated - some ideas to work on.

73 Glyn