G/NP-032 Cracoe Fell last Tuesday

A report of my 2m activation of Cracoe Fell last Tuesday is now on my blog.

73 Phil


Many congratulations on your double MG Phil very well done.

73 Glyn

Congratulations on achieving the double MG Phil, no doubt a lot of sweat was lost en-route . :sweat:


Victor GI4ONL

Well done Phil…I can appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into this achievement.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Congratulations on achieving double Mountain Goat Phil.

Cracoe Fell is amongst the nearest summits to me but I’ve never done it! I’ve been doing SOTA since 2004 and I’m still not a Mountain Goat despite trying to get out on the hills during most years. Hopefully 2016 will be my year!

73, Colin

Hi Phil,
Well done on the 2K, I am well behind you!! When I was up on Cracoe on the 2 Dec I returned without the end plug out of my mast. Hate loosing things!!

As matter of interest I was on Hownam Law GM/SS-197 10 days ago. I managed only one Q on 2m using 30W to endfed vert at 20ft. I guess the Border black faced sheep do not listen to 2m these days.

David G0EVV

You obviously didn’t bribe them with a bottle or two - Black Sheep of course. Not as though I had to do that. I made 10 on 2m from there… but that was back in 2010 when the band was a lot livlier.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Many congratulations on the 2000 Phil. Wish I could manage a few of those exotic activations that you have carried out to boost my score - it’s been a slow road since achieving Goat in 2010. Maybe I will find how to get the car out of second gear soon (as an old song made reference to). :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Well done on the Double Goat, Phil. I knew you were close but failed to notice that you had done it. No wonder I keep missing Spots :- (

Catch you on a hill again soon, weather permitting.


Hearty congrats on the Double Goat Phil!

Hills haven’t seen much of me lately - roll on my retirement :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD (Hoping to add a few points to the total towards the end of Feb… )

Hi Phil,

Great that you have reached 2000 points. Thanks for a nice report and photos. Also interesting to read your potted history. You are a fine example of ‘bitten by the bug.’

Thanks for the QSO’s on 160 & 80 the other day. Someone I worked said you had a massive presence on 160m. Can’t disagree with that! We were lucky we didn’t meet ‘your’ gamekeeper; instead a friendly one.

Wondered if you still took Treacle?

73, John.

Hi Phil

Belated congratulations on passing yet another significant milestone. I am watching with interest as your complete tally increases!


Thanks everyone for your kind wishes and congratulations - I shan’t be claiming another activator certificate just yet as there isn’t a 2000 point tier, so I will wait until the 2500 level tier point is reached in a year or two I guess. I’m still enjoying the SOTA activating and chasing and the friendly cameraderie of our branch of the hobby. I guess we’ll carry on for a year or two more at least. Many who were really keen when I started in 2005 have dropped out of the game or just partake occasionally. I’ve made lots of friends along the way and been to so many places I would never have visited without SOTA. I’m hoping to crack 100K Chaser points this year and achieve 500 SOTA Completes. I have plans made to operate from Scotland, Wales, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany and Austria in 2016. I should finish top G (and Northern EU) Chaser on the 10m/6m Challenge too which ends on Saturday, all great fun.

73 Phil

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