G/NP-003 1st Jan 2020

Wonderful activation to start 2020 with my nearestly accessible summit. (G/NP-002 is closer but cannot be accessed without military permission) which is half an hours drive and half an hours walk ( Possibly slightly more when walking off the single malt…(Jura)).

Walked up from 775371 past the remains of a sheepfold

One of those days where the summit was above the cloud, this is in the direction of Cross Fell ( G/NP-001). Also one of those rare days with no wind at the summit!

Set up the linked dipole on 80m again running about 30w from a combination of an FT817 and an amp…

Woody, once agin did his best to pull me to the summit. Normally he does almost anything for food, but he seems to be a hillwalking dog as not even dog treats seem to distract him from attempting to climb the hill at 20 mph dragging whatever is attached behind him. However he does settle quite well at the summit to allow me to assemble the radio and antenna - with a couple of short gaps while I removed one of my many plastic boxes and my emergency food from his reach!

The ground was pleasantly frozen - so dry feet again on Burnhope Seat, but no snow with the ski tow shown in the distance.

Some really good chasers- thank you including 4 S2S contacts - Including my first contact with The Cloud (Thanks Tom).

I notice from the nice, sparkly new database that I seem to be leading the new flavours challenge. I am going to do a screenshot as I am sure that I will be overtaken by later this afternoon…

Oh and HNY!




Looks very nice :slight_smile: Thanks for S2S

What a lovely dog you have!
Thanks for the report.
73 & HNY,


Hi Paul,
Listened S20 for summits from 09:30 to around 10:45 while I was breaking camp on NP9, then again H/H on way down but didn’t hear you. Sounds like you had a good time on HF. Lovely photos, especially Woody. It’s the sort of winter weather that makes you glad to be alive. I too was blessed with sunshine from sunrise to about the time I left with cloud below me which was slowly rising. Then low-cloud blew in but not the serious stuff. I worked Simon on The Calf NP13 around 10am. He and his XYL were freezing in the clag! The luck of the draw.
73, John

Thanks John. I didn’t take the handheld today as I thought I would concentrate on 80. Thanks for putting up with my still rubbish morse last night and thanks for the contact. Hope you are now somewhare nice and warm.

73 Paul

Yes thanks Paul. Got home at 13:30.

Quite honestly I don’t blame you. I have spent much time ‘weeping’ into S20 from that one in the early days of SOTA. Considering its height it is pretty dire on VHF so I’ve taken HF every time since then. Cross Fell’s not sparkling either but you can usually manage it.

I never noticed any rubbish CW, only mine especially when the key kept on sticking on dots today. I’m bad enough without that happening HI. I wouldn’t mind but it was elecrolubed before the expedition.

Thanks for the Top Band CW QSO at half past midnight. You did well, stopping up for that then getting up hours later for Burnhope Seat. You must be keen for sure.

Keep up the good work with Woody. Needs a bit more training. Pulling uphill is fine but you must impress on him, downhill is out! He just has stacks of enthusiasm, that’s all. You can’t really knock it and he’ll grow out of it as he gets older. Guru is dead right. A lovely dog! You are lucky.
73, John

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Hi Paul

Great start to the New Year and many thanks for the S2S.


Enjoy these transients Paul. I seem to have sneaked to #3 worldwide after 2 so-so activations.