G/LD summits quadrupled

No, not a massive new database upload!

I mean I’ve quadrupled my personal count of LD activations from 1 to 4, in a day. :wink:

G/LD-056, Whitbarrow - Lord’s Seat
A nice walk to a windy summit.

G/LD-050, Gummer’s How
Quite busy on a sunny day during the half term break. This is where I saw the snake.

Windermere looking picturesque.

G/LD-052, Hutton Roof Crags
This was a lovely walk, over very different geology.

I deployed HF only of the last summit. Band conditions were horrible with lots of crashes. VHF/UHF with my Slim JIM gathered chasers as far south as Wales.

Many thanks to all chasers and to OE5EEP for the summit-to-summit.

Soon I must try some high-scoring LD summits.