G/LD-051 Holme Fell - my final summit of the year

Many thanks to all the chasers today - given the weather report I figured staying relatively low wasn’t a bad plan!

When I first reached the outcrop to the South of the summit the wind was blowing so hard I had trouble staying upright. I heard Paul MW0PDV/P doing a SOTA activation on Moel Famau and with some perseverance managed a QSO with the built in whip (I couldn’t remember where I’d but the main antenna adapter at this point - ‘summit brain’ in full force for a bit)!

The 2M activation was a combination of C4FM (with Sue & Douggie) and Analogue FM (G6LKB leading the pack after a quick chat with Nigel 2E0TUE) using the new FT-1XDE handheld. Initially using the built in whip until I remembered what I’d done with the SMA/BNC adaptor then with my now tried technique of getting the Slim-G rollup antenna as high as possible on the 8m fishing pole - with my arm wrapped around the pole and logging operating with the two free hands. Never been slapped in the face by coax - today was a first! C4FM gives a distance indication between the activator and chaser which I find quite fascinating! Quick chat also with Kevin manning the Robin Hood Award special event station MX0YHA, doing a great job keeping 2m buzzing.

Having wisely dropped a couple of sections of fishing pole I managed to get a surprisingly stable HF antenna, albeit somewhat lower than I’d like at around 4-5 metres. QSO’s were a little on the tricky side but in the end I got a total of 18 contacts on 20m, 40m and 80m. My other SOTA summit to summit was with Ingeborg OE5IRO/P on Gerlitzen at 1900m - a little more challenging than my activation! Great to get John G0TDM and Geoff GM4WHA in the log for the final hill - they together with Sue and David have done a sterling job as chasers.

Once packed up I was drinking a cup of coffee and eating porridge when a lass approached enthusiastically - she was on her final Wainwright and had brought an entourage - so for a lovely moment I was sharing the summit with a group of nine drinking champagne from my tin mug (in the photos she is the one in red with a white hat!)

Here are some photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bEzE9To7uiDSwMBT2

I wish all involved in SOTA/WOTA a healthy and happy New Year!

Kind regards, Mark. M0NOM


You seem to have some Scottish Pandas in one photo Mark! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the 80m contact Mark. Happy New Year.

Thanks for the S2S today Mark, I was impressed with a North Wales to Lakes S2S on 2m. I was also using a HT (VX8DE) but with a dipole.

Happy New Year