G/LD-041 Binsey

This is an easy ascent. Here is the view from my operating position today. Qualified with 8 QSO’s on 2m FM including S2S with Frank EI8HIB/P and Tom EI5IEB/P on EI/IE-072 Ben of Howth.

My XYL Natalie M7NTD was with me today and we usually pass the microphone to each other until Natalie has got the required 4 QSO’s to qualify the Summit then I work through the rest of the pile up. Though it seems that Natalie’s fan base is growing and more people are asking for a QSO with her which is not a bad thing at all.

Thanks to those that called in, always appreciated.

73 Chris M0RSF & Natalie M7NTD


Chris, that second photo looks like it’s from the SOTAgoat++ app. I can never get it to align the name tag pointers with the actual summits in the photo (unless I use the manual-drag feature which requires one to know which summit is which, which rather defeats the purpose of the app)…

Andy G8CPZ

++EDIT UPDATE: Sorry I meant PeakFinder (not SOTAgoat)


Hello Andy,

The second photo I took using an App called Peak Finder. It lets you align the overlay after taking a photo. It’s quite easy to use.

73 Chris M0RSF


Great photos! I use Peak Finder but didn’t know about the photo-overlay trick. I will probably overuse it from now on in activation reports. But it wouldn’t have been of much use on this French summit last month. I wonder if it can identify trees? :slight_smile:


Nice photo John and that looks a good place to operate from protected by the trees. Peak Finder is a great App as your no doubt aware.
I’ve yet to take my Icom IC-705 out portable. I still use my Yaesu FT817ND if I’m doing HF.

73 Chris M0RSF


Great to meet you both today! I’ll keep an ear open for you from now on!


Hello Gareth, nice to meet you both today too and welcome to SOTA.
Hope to work you on the bands soon and hopefully Summit to Summit.

73 Chris M0RSF

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