G/LD-031. Oops

The forecast wasn’t great, but we’re on holiday. It was supposed to be windy, wet and feel like -10C at the top, but we’ve got the right gear :innocent:.

We approached Blake Fell from Loweswater for a change (I thought it would be a nice sheltered approach). I think it took us about 90 minutes to the summit at a nice gentle pace. There is a shelter at the top, but I think it was designed for very small people. There was no shelter from the shoulders up. The good news was that the forecast precipitation didn’t materialise. There was a little bit of hail whilst we were at the top, and a bit of intermittent light rain on the way down. Thank goodness!
Have you noticed that whenever it is windy enough to make you think “it would be interesting to measure the wind speed”; the conditions are too wild to make you seriously consider delaying long enough to get the anemometer out?
I am incredibly grateful to the 4 chasers who found me so quickly. Apologies to anyone else, but today was not a day for dwelling! I reckon that the wind was close to 60mph as we left the summit (sorry for my poor audio). Every wind gust has a silver lining however, it was too strong for my beloved to get close enough to me to murder me for taking her up there! I think I owe her a few drinks and a nice dinner :cocktail: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:.
We were only exposed at the summit for a few minutes and when we reached the valley floor I recovered some brownie points by brewing a hot coffee! No photos today (again)!