G/LD-027 Place Fell

One of my favourite summits in the Lake District - and with the weather being foul all week except today I made the most of the day with two activations, my go-to SOTA summit G/LD-050 Gummer’s How and in the afternoon G/LD-027 Place Fell.

I was using the FT-817 5w with 2200 mAH LifePo4 battery in a PowerPort case (carried on the hip) with SOTABeams 10m compact mast and SOTABeams Quad-band linked dipole.

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
13:52 G7CDA 144MHz FM
13:55 G6LKB 144MHz FM
13:56 G1OHH 144MHz FM
13:57 2E0UMC 144MHz FM OP: Mal QTH: West of Carlisle
14:00 G0HRT 144MHz FM
14:02 G8CPZ/P 144MHz FM WOTA: LDO-113 S2S
14:05 G0LWU 144MHz FM
14:22 SP9TKW 14MHz SSB
14:23 SQ9RNW 14MHz SSB
14:23 EU2MM 14MHz SSB
14:25 EA2DT 14MHz SSB
14:25 DL2WHI 14MHz SSB
14:26 OH3GZ 14MHz SSB
14:26 DJ5AV 14MHz SSB
14:29 EA9GV 14MHz SSB
14:30 F5JKK 14MHz SSB
14:34 2E0FEH 7MHz SSB
14:36 MM7CGR 7MHz SSB OP: Will QTH: Shetland Islands ANT: 40m horizontal delta loop PWR: 10w
14:42 G0FVH 7MHz SSB OP: David QTH: South Coast
14:43 EA1DHB 7MHz SSB
14:45 EA2CKX 7MHz SSB
14:50 G0FEX 3.5MHz SSB
14:51 GI0AZA 3.5MHz SSB
14:52 GW4VPX 3.5MHz SSB
14:52 2E0FEH 3.5MHz SSB
14:56 G4OBK 3.5MHz SSB
14:58 G4WSB 3.5MHz SSB OP: Bill. QTH: Swindon
15:00 SV2RUJ/P 14MHz SSB S2S SV/ST-113
15:02 S57S 14MHz SSB OP: Alexandra RIG: FT-5000 PWR: 170w
15:09 SA4BLM 14MHz SSB
15:10 OM8KT 14MHz SSB OP: Martin
15:13 EA3EVL 14MHz SSB
15:13 SV1RVJ 14MHz SSB

I will let the photos do the talking - it was wonderful to get back out on the hills again in the Lake District.

Thank you to all the chasers on both summits. Highlights of the Place Fell activation:

  • a herd of at least 30 deer - I tried to take photos but no good with a smart phone camera!
  • An RAF Hercules dropped over Kirkstone Pass and sunk to low level for a pass over Ulswater.
  • HF was working very nicely on 80m, 40m and even 20m with some QSB.
  • Amazing 360 degree views as always.
  • Questions from folk who already knew most of the answers!
  • Not getting wet!


Thanks for the contact Mark.

I enjoyed that summit… quite a few years ago now…started at Bridgend. Looks like you had a really nice day. In lockdown here with no hope of any activations for another week and it’s been raining for several days with another storm hitting us tonight☹

73…Stay safe



Some magnificent photographs!

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Place Fell has seen more than its fair share of ascents from me, as it has two climbing huts and the Side Farm campsite at its foot - and one of my favourite pubs in your third picture!

I listened for you on 80m but didn’t hear anything.

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Great to see it “in the flesh” and not with its white coat on.

Unfortunately I couldn’t hear you on either summit, so I will have to wait for them to be added to my Completes list. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I took my son up illgill head yesterday and whilst we didn’t have all that sunshine we did get the C130 mucking about below us as we went off whinn rigg. Too slow with the camera to catch it on film. Looked like an older H to me but then again its been a long time since I worked on them.


Thanks for the contact Mark.
Excellent photos. Must have taken you ages to climb and descend?

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Hi, Place Fell isn’t too bad from Rooking, there is a nice path all the way up and it is about an hour to ascend, a bit less to come down again. Well worth the effort!

Thanks for the chase, Mark

Great photos. I was there last year and was planning visit for October this year, but not such luck. Anyway thanks for QSO. I hope next year I will be able to enjoy these views in person. I love Lake District.

73 Marek

Thank you for the chase Marek, and lets all look forward to more relaxed times ahead!

Stay safe, 73, Mark.