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G/DC-008 23.09.18

Well it’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally managed to activate G/DC-008 :slight_smile:

At 250 miles from the home QTH it took a bit of justifying but I siezed the opportunity of a weekend away with the XYL to grab this far flung singleton.

Having previously activated the “old” version, G/DC-004, I’d got a pretty good idea of the lie of the land but that didn’t stop the way up being part of the “how not to” series :-s

I started off by doing what I’d done back in October 2009, heading for the trig via the path from the small parking area to the right of the fence. Beyond the trig, I headed straight for the bank behind that led to higher ground along what appeared to be a path… this soon degenerated into a mire of tussocks, sinkholes and thorny bramble tripwires that would give the worst Galloway ground a run for it’s money! After forcing my way through a steep bank covered in sapling trees I eventually gained the haul road at the point where it turned back on itself, from where I headed East of South East straight up the hill towards my chosen activation point, on the South East corner of the access land at SW999574. Here I found the rocks mentioned by Gerald G4OIG in his initial survey of the area, which I was glad to use as shelter from the brisk wind that was blowing across the otherwise shelterless landscape. Just to be sure, I trekked to the obvious highest point and backtracked to my operating location, finding the drop from the summit indicated by my barometric altimeter to be about 14m - well within the AZ.

Despite the more arduous than expected ascent, I opened bang on time at 1530z on 60m and at 1533 was rewarded with a call from Gerald who had kindly visited G/HTW-010 Yearsley Cross on his way home from a few days HuMPing in the Scottish Borders to work me :slight_smile: He was kind enough to spot me, which eventually brought me another four difficult contacts in the face of extreme QSB and heavy QRN, including a very welcome S2S with MM0OAT/P on GM/SS-274. Geoff GM4WHA showed extreme persistence to give me the fourth contact that secured my qualification of the summit.

A brief excursion onto 80m showed S9+ noise and even worse QRN, so I moved to 40m where conditions were not quite so bad and self-spotted, which eventually delivered a further five contacts including one with IK2LEY to add a continental flavour. After five minutes of calling provided no further responses, I decided to call it a day and after packing up and trying a few calls with the HT on 145.500 without reply made my way downhill. Considering the conditions, I was quite chuffed with the result; my only real disappointment being not contacting ace chaser Don G0RQL in his “back yard”!

As usual, on the way down a better route presented itself. Based on this, my recommendation for the ascent would be not to follow the (boggy, wet) path to the right of the fence but to go from the car park through the kissing gate into the field, then follow the left hand side of the fence to another kissing gate that gives access to the compound containing the trig point mound. From here a faint path makes it’s way to a derelict building at the foot of the slope up to the haul road, a path to the right then taking you through less dense vegetation up to the road via a gully cut in the bank for drainage. Not easy to follow, but it is there!

So thanks to all, particularly Gerald, G4OIG, Graeme M0OAT and Geoff, GM4WHA and hope to catch you from our more usual stamping ground of GM in the not to distant future :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD


As a man from Galloway might say, “Och Paul, did ya nay head north from the trig?” From the description of the route that you took, it would appear that you are keen on getting in training for The Merrick, Corserine and Mulwharchar. Oh and a certain Kirriereoch when someone gets his backside into gear! :wink:

Really pleased to get the Complete, especially as it is a journey and a half to get down there (which I have to endure several times a year as my daughter lives in St Austell).

73, Gerald G4OIG

If I didn’t know better, I would have said you got lost or you lost it. Delete non-related action.
It will take a lot to beat the worst of the Galloways, there’s places in them thar hills I don’t think they would bother even starting to look for you. :wink:

Kirriereoch, Merrick and Mulwharchar is doable in a day, Corserine may push the limit a tad too far but plenty places to camp and a couple of bothies around.

Hi Paul, good to see you eventually got to the new dc008,and to give Gerald his complete and your now complete dc’s activations.
I did respond to Gerald’s email he sent me earlier but unfortunately it got to him to late to let him know that I wouldn’t be about in the afternoon,knowing he would have let you know.
Yes as you say how could I miss you in my own but back yard,you qualified it and that was the priority,you picked the time of year of my birthday when the Daughter drags me out for lunch.
Long way for you for one activation but trust you had a good trip and day out with the xyl. 73 Don G0RQL.

Hi Gerald,

To be honest the ground to the North didn’t look much better… I took what appeared to be the shortest route through it! Very glad to have given you the complete :slight_smile:

Neil - reference to Galloway ground was somewhat tongue in cheek - at least this Southern version only went on for 50 or so metres, not for ever like the real thing :wink:

Don - yes the jungle telegraph worked a bit slower than usual this time! Sorry to have missed you but delighted it was in a good cause hope you had a great time out with the family. The XYL really enjoyed the outing, and it was good to have some company on the long drive. Went on the West Somerset railway on the way back home, which was a very pleasant interlude and broke the journey nicely. Look forward to working you from some GM summits again before too long!

Just one little hill now between me and having activated all currently valid G and GW summits. No prizes for guessing which that one is :roll_eyes:

73 de Paul G4MD

More in my back yard.
Poop missed ya on that one as know can reach via FM 2m and 40m on GW’s

Mind you 23rd was bit wind swept so no 2m would have happened as its grounded that week to very windy conditions.

May be next time


Hi Karl,

Apologies, it hadn’t clicked that you were so close! Sorry to have missed you.

Certainly was draughty up on DC-008!

Hope to get you from another one soon

73 de Paul G4MD

Off topic (sort of) but here’s one for the clever people:

Why is the region identifier in lower case letters in the thread title? When I created the thread I typed G/DC-008 but it was rendered as G/dc-008. I tried to edit it at the time and subsequently but it won’t seem to change… any ideas? It’s beginning to offend my sense of pedantry…

Did you use a stroke or a slash? :joy:

Think I might have inadvertantly used a slant :open_mouth:

The software for the reflector does that because it tries to be clever. I’m sure there is a “software knob” that can be turned but I’ve left it the way it is because people are used to how it mangles some things and fixes others.

Thanks for the info Andy, it’s good to know there’s a reason behind it - even if it’s unreasonable :wink:

I have a suspicion that it may be something to do with the software regarding the stroke/slash/slant as the escape character in Markdown. If so there is unlikely to be anything we can do in settings to prevent this. I wonder if a double stroke/slash/slant might work.
Oh well tried that and no it doesn’t

how about G-DC-008?

I found them and changed them.

So you can now have all upper case titles. Sadly you can now have all upper case posts too. If any does that, post all uppercase message they will be advised to edit the post and fix the casing the first time they do. The second and subsequent all uppercase posts will be deleted. This is not open to discussion.

Thanks Andy :smile:

Speaking personally one of the banes of my life is “auto-correcting” software that takes what you’ve typed, assumes you’ve got it wrong and changes it to something you never intended.

I guess that those who habitually forget to switch off caps lock or hit it by mistake when going for shift won’t be so chuffed :-s

73 de Paul G4MD

Oooh! when I read that setting, I hadn’t spotted that that it included titles as well as message body. I will ask on Discourse meta whether there can be a separation. [Done]