G/DC-006 & G/DC-007 Activations 16/17 June.

With a promising weather forecast I’m planning to activate G/DC-006 Carnmenellis on the morning of 16 June and G/DC-007 Watch Croft the following day 17 June, probably around mid-day.

I’d like to try VHF and UHF from G/DC-007 but will have HF kit with me as a back-up. I will also try FT8 on VHF & UHF. This is the most south western summit in the UK and VHF/UHF might be a struggle but I am going to take Yagi antennas with me and will try FM (vertical) and SSB (horizontal). It would be nice to reach a summit in GW if anyone is activating there. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just seen @MW0KXN and @GW4VPX are activating Friday morning so I will try and get set up in time for them.

I will post alerts a little closer to the dates when my time estimates are a bit more refined. :slight_smile:


I activated both of these on VHF. There is some local net activitiy so I would tap into that with an e-mail to find out the local net times or alert them to leave their rigs on. On G/DC-006 I failed on 4m due to the local radio mast overloading the rig. I could be heard but my Rx was being deafened by the local mast.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Andrew, thank you. I’m planning to build a 4m delta loop but I have a 6m one already finished which I could take. 6m has been open recently so it would be a shame to miss the opportunity.

I will be staying at the Golden Lion Inn campsite, just to the east of G/DC-006 and will walk from there to the summit. There is a path going around the northern edge and it looks as if I approach the summit directly from the north it looks reasonably clear of the dreaded gorse I have read of.

If you can remember what the north side of the summit looks like I would be grateful. I probably don’t need to get to the actual summit, anywhere in the activation zone on the north side will face most of the UK although it would be nice to point a beam towards France. :slight_smile:

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My thoughts are starting to come together. :slight_smile:

G/DC-006 will be HF, starting with CW then SSB.

G/DC-007 will be 6m, 2m and 70cm with HF in reserve if needed. Modes will be data, SSB and FM on 6m and 2m.

I’m a bit uncertain about 70cm. Is FM the only realistic option? Does anyone do 70cm SSB?

Hi John, yes 70cms ssb/fm + 23cms ssb/fm, just been working this afternoon 2mtr ssb with M0JST/P Victor over here on holiday if you have home set up
listen out for him.73 Don.

Don, thank you. I don’t have any 23cm stuff but we could ring the changes on 70cm and try FM as well.

Assuming I remember to put the spanner needed to change polarisation in the rucksack…

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2019 I had a wonderful vacation in G/DC and G/SC. During this time I had an activity on

G/DC-001 High Willhays
G/DC-002 Brown Willy
G/DC-007 Watch Croft
G/SC-008 Win Green
G/SC-011 Hardown Hill
G/SC-013 Nine Barrow Down

Since then I try to complete this summits… And although the summits are well activated, I don’t seem to succeed.

Maybe this time ?

73 Armin

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Armin, I’ll try and include HF when I’m on G/DC-007. 40m and 20m and perhaps 30m?


I’m currently parked outside Redruth Hospital while the Minor Injuries Unit attends to my wife’s deeply cut finger. She fell over on a walk this afternoon. It isn’t a serious injury but I think it is going to hurt for a day or two.

I will make a decision on continuing with the first activation first thing tomorrow when I have a better idea how she is.

The summits will still be here if I have to come back again for a second attempt.


We are back at the campsite. My wife’s finger has been super-glued back together and things are looking much better. She doesn’t see why I shouldn’t do the activation but I’ll see how she is tomorrow. However, I will post an alert on the assumption it will go ahead.