G/DC-006 Carnmenellis.

I was interested to read that Carnmenellis had not been activated thus far in 2019. I activated Watch Croft, G/DC-007, on 23 Dec and I have permission to activate Carnmenellis tomorrow - 31st December. 5, 7, 14 MHz ssb and 144 MHz fm.

Hope for QSO s tomorrow.

Alastair Hopkins


Hi Alistair,

I hope you had a good activation on Carnmenellis G/DC-006. I was surprised to read through that you need permission to access this summit. As far as I am aware this summit is not on private land, so no permission is required and this is the first time I have ever heard about permission being required. Is this summit actually on private land and are we meant to obtain permission before we go and activate this summit from now on?

Jimmy M0HGY

From Wiki (apply your own standards of verification)

" There is no public right of way across the summit, and the surrounding land is private farmland, though about half of the fields are Open Access land."

Hi Andy,

I didn’t realise that this summit is now on private land as it was on open access land when we last activated it back in 2010, but it is good to know that it is possibl to get permission for this summit.

Jimmy M0HGY

I think it can be done by open access alone but is fiddly and gorse-ridden. One of the hillbagging sites points to there having been some GOML activity in the past years.

You’ve got me lost there, Andy - the only acronym I can find listed is Green Mountain Orthotic Lab!

Angry landowners / farmers who chase you away in a confrontational way shouting “Get Off My Land”

Or after Viz’s Farmer Palmer “Gerorrfmoilaaaaand”

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The first time me and my dad Tom M1EYP walked up Carmenellis G/DC-006 was back in 2005 before I was licenced and there wasn’t a GOML issue as such, but one of the residents who seemed like some mad lady saw my dad activating the summit and me there with him and decided to phone the police and the police did arrive and my dad spoke with them and all was fine. Both times we have walked up this summit was via the gorse route which was unpleasant both times. I am aware that a better route would be the road up to the transmitter, but I believe that road is private even to walkers meaning you would need permission if you wanted to walk to this summit via thew transmitter road.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Jim,
I agree with that horrid bracken walkup to summit!
Frankly, I consider most of the DC summits not worth while and apologise here for being the regional coordinator!
HNY es 73 de Peter G3TJE (hope to be more active next year!)

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Hi Peter,

Nice to hear from you again and I agree that some of the G/DC SOTA summits aren’t great with the exception of High Willhays G/DC-001 and Brown Willy G/DC-002 which are both great walks. Hopefully we you summit to summit at some-point next year.

Happy New Year.

Jimmy M0HGY